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One Omega in Revised OUAW
11-10-2018, 10:20 AM,
RE: One Omega in Revised OUAW
(11-09-2018, 11:05 PM)Chris Yates Wrote:
(11-09-2018, 10:02 PM)Andrew Jef Wrote: When I think of "exxes", I think of a cartoon showing somebody who's
dead, with "exxes" for eyes. I'm not looking for any of these in this treasure hunt. Same with some place "where all the lines cross".
Too much attention is given to any of this, IMO.

The poem, by itself, gives a lot of information. But for a person to solve it, he/she will probably need to put in hundreds of hours of study and research, including a lot of guessing and a lot of changing guesses, replacing bad ones with new ones.

ive never quite gotten the "where all the lines cross" comment(s)

maybe it's more because the way I would think of it. you would only need 2 lines crossing to establish a point

where all the lines cross may be a reference that the correct solution should have every hint or clue crossing you to that one and only spot, some of them directly to that spot, but some may be indirect

indirect meaning they make sense as a continuous link of a whole, and the whole does logically link as a collective to that one and only spot

edit: I want to clarify that my current avi offers no hints to the omega that is all the rage in chase chat discussions lately

The poem tells you where to draw the lines that will cross. These lines are only drawn at the final search area. "The end is ever drawing nigh." The best way to draw them is on Google Earth but I guess if you had a good enough map (close enough scale) you could draw the lines on it.

In my solve I had to draw 8 straight lines and one curved line. There are 10 line intersections. I've been on the ground to all the intersections. The chest is not at any of the intersections.

The last clue has two solutions but only the second solution leads you directly to the chest.
These are all just my ideas. I hope no one uses them.

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