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Who are you?????
07-07-2020, 07:11 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-07-2020, 12:30 PM by admin.)
RE: Who are you?????
This is great to read about people!

I think a lot of people believe they know me by the things I have posted over 10 years in the Forrest Treasure hunt. I think if they knew me personally they would see another person. I'm toying with the idea now about going on camera for a treasure hunt, but I really enjoy people not really knowing who I am. I might need to change my moniker to Shy Girl Back East.

Sooo most people know the basics about me. I'm 53 and from the Chicago area. I searched for Forrest's treasure for 10ish years. I have two kids who aren't kids anymore and an ex husband due to the chase.

I moved to Florida in 2016 and live on a 2 acre loquat farm. I just bought some other trees(avacado, cherry, olive, ice cream banana, blueberry). My house is next door to John Travolta's. I've never met him, but can hear him fly in or out every once in a while. I'm not in his gated community even though our houses are across from each other.

My house has 5 different living spaces in it. It was a fixer upper, and we've been renovating it *cough cough*. I live here with my daughter. I also had my twin nephews Kyle and Kory move here, our handyman Ernest who we're actually trying to help him get on his feet. He's become like family. Then David and Rebecca. David invented Jelly Belly jelly beans and he has a documentary on Amazon Prime you can watch for free called Candyman The David Klein Story. He's an amazingly kind person.

We met twice before we became friends. I saw his documentary on Netflix originally and I emailed him. We went back and forth a few times and I was so wrapped up into the Chase that I didn't continue the communication. Then a couple years later I was on a Facebook group for Shark Tank and he was on there giving business advice which he loves to do. The person who ran the group was irritated, because he was getting so much attention and asked if he would stop posting so much. So David backed off completely and people were missing him. I messaged him and suggested he start his own group and he ignored the idea. So I just made him one. Within a week he had 1000 members.

At home my ex didn't want to go on searches anymore for Forrest's treasure and I'm agoraphobic due to a situation I went through as a teen. So David offered that Rebecca and he with me. We went and did so many crazy things. Including a time he went down into a cave and tried to open a coffin.

So now they live here too. He has a candy business and I flip houses. I sometimes come up for ideas for his candy business which is fun. There's Polar Popcorn which is a caramel popcorn wrapped in birthday cake and ice cream. You can eat it shelf stable, but if you pop it in the freezer for 20 minutes it's a totally unique taste. He's doing great with his CBD Jelly Beans( This was amazing, but he did one interview and his story about those blew up. I've never been a part of anything so exciting. He runs his office in our main duplex and the phone wouldn't stop ringing. No lie....if you went into his office at 2am the phone would be ringing. This happened for a full week. Someone was able to capture how many web pages wrote an article from that first article and it was over 1400. James Corden even did a skit about his Jelly Beans. He was interviewed on Bloomberg....Forbes, Fortune, New York Times, Food Network Magazine, so many news stations.

If you watch his documentary it seems like he actually had a choice to sell, but he didn't. His contract manufacture basically said you either sell me your trademark or I'll go back and rename your product and cut off your supply. Very few candy manufactures had the capability to create a gourmet jelly bean at the time so it wasn't like he could go somewhere else. So when the CBD Jelly Beans took was like wow...he got his dream back.

Now we're planning a treasure hunt to have fun that will be free and also a treasure hunt game(cost a few bucks). My only reservation is the bitterness by some over my views on Forrest's. I'm hopeful most won't let those feelings darken their view on this.

So that's me...oh and I have a cat named Bella who talks.

*edit* I was told there wasn't enough about me personally.

I was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois and grew up with an older brother Ray(7 years older) and a younger brother Scott(1 1/2 years younger). When my younger brother was born my dad decided to leave and start a new family. I was first memory was my Mom tossing my dads clothes out on the lawn...yikes lol. So we grew up poor with my Mom raising 3 kids. She didn't have a high school education because she left her home while in high school for good reasons. She's one of the most brilliant people I know...had a rough start though.

I love the fact I was poor growing up...maybe not poor, but we did have food stamps and free lunch till my Mom was able to get her GED and get a job outside the house. She raised us and worked for AT&T for 30 years or so and now has a home in Illinois and one in Florida here. Thank goodness those programs were there to help us because my Dad used every which way to hide money so he wouldn't have to pay so much in child support.

I got close to my dad later in life when Jeff and I lived in a little cottage that was only about 800 sq feet. Best place I ever lived because it was all backyard and the cleaning took 2 minutes. I wanted to turn the front porch into another bedroom(we only had one) and so I tore off the inside wall only to reveal the builder of this home built those walls by turning the studs sideways. I knew I was over my head and asked my dad for help. He had just retired and spent the next year helping me remodel the entire thing. It probably cost $40,000 because he felt we should use the best of the best materials. I didn't want to say no and put all that on credit cards. I learned how to bend pipe, sweat pipe, hang drywall, put on siding, pour posts for a porch. Every bit of that house was redone...and all while I was pregnant with Ashley. I can still remember asking him to wait at the lumber yard before I helped him put the drywall in the truck because Ashley was kicking up a storm at 9 months.

I had a best friend named John during this time. I had known him since I was 16. We went camping and boating...snowmobiling. When I was 6 months pregnant he called me and said he was taking his life. I knew he was depressed, and so I said please tell me if you ever consider taking your life. What he told me that night has been a real struggle for me all these years. He told me he was a monster. He had looked for help for what he was and couldn't find any. He told me when he was young a priest took him and 2 other boys to his cabin and abused him. He had become the same way. I said he couldn't hang up on me that we'd figure out some way to figure things out. He asked to talk to Jeff and hung up before Jeff answered the phone. We called the police and looked all over town for him. At 2am a coroner called me and told me he was gone. He had gone to a rest stop and called 911 at the payphone and told them to come get him. He had a letter in the car to call me.

My step mom who never was crazy about us, but we ended up with a decent relationship because we were the only family who would be around her died in 2012. She was having some heart issues and I had taken her to the doctor. The doctor said she needed hearth surgery. She wasn't going to tell her daughter. She had one daughter who I grew up knowing and she apparently had a son she gave up for adoption. So she was going in for heart surgery and that morning I was alone with her in the car driving. My step sister and dad were coming in the car behind me. She told me that my step sister had to stop her from having any more wine after midnight which was her cut off for anything to eat or drink. I didn't think about how crazy that was till the time of the surgery was taking longer than it should. The doctor told us her tissue wasn't holding stitches. I just knew then that she wasn't going to make it.

I got a call at 2am to go back to the hospital to see her before she went in for another surgery...she lasted a few more days and I realized they were just keeping her alive. My dad had Parkinsons. I realize now that this was medical suicide. She always said she didn't want to take care of my dad. After she passed I was his caregiver. I hired a few other young girls to help and I was already I'd run out West and then run back to see my Dad. My dad passed in dec of 2015.

ok that should be more than anyone wants to know. A lot of these things are sad..but I don't let them be. I really learned a lot from them...especially empathy for others. I live a great life where I am now. I never would have guessed I'd be divorced from Jeff in a million years...but I have no choice but to make the best of how things are now. I keep striving for fun and financial freedom and I enjoy helping people as much as possible.
© Stephanie

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