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Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read
06-07-2013, 02:49 PM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read
Okay I am ready to spill the beans for a certain thing that I have discovered but

this will not disclose anybodys hot spots and I have not found the chest using this technique

I will start by saying you may not want to read this because it could certainly lead you in the wrong direction(s) cause you problems if you have trouble seeing in the dark or that you are afraid of the dark!!

So the first one for now is why does Forrest suggest that we might need to bring a sandwich and a flashlight?

So maybe we have searched the right area or location(s) but what we failed to do was search that location at a certain time of day or maybe even the right season.

So why did forrest say bring a sandwich and a flashlight but you will not need them

to find the chest? Now if anyone has a better idea than this please disclaim this very simple intel and give me a better one or debunk this one please.

So the only logical reasoning to me is for bringing a sandwcih and a flashlight would be that we need to discover where the chest is at dusk!!

The reason for this is that the majority of people have dinner around or just before it gets dark or at dusk, so you should be at the location near the chest around this time and you will be hungry so sit and watch what happens around this time of day and eat your sandwich because it is dinner time. So I do not know what happens at this time but it could be several one of these things that happen like the sunset, bats coming out of a cave, owls that start hooting, cows that come home, or the moon appearring, fish that only come out at dusk, coyotes start howling at the moon etc. but no matter what that is it only happens at dusk so if you search the area during the day you just stay in that general area and watch if anything happens at dusk. What do you have to lose by just staying till dark, to me nothing because you are there anyone so maybe give it a shot. So now why would we need a flashlight then?

If something happens at dusk and you are in the general area some event may happen to pinpoint the location of the chest, go to that location and you should be able to get to it before it gets dark, so find the chest while it is still light but now comes a problem. You have found the chest but now it will be dark or too dark if there is no moon to get the chest out.

So now use the flashlight and bring the chest out or you will have to wait till morning.

So you didn't need the sandwich or the flashlight to find the chest but boy are you now glad that you had both to help get the chest. The sandwich tells you the time and the flashlight also tells you the time and that is dusk. If it is bats that may pinpoint the location do realize that they hibernate just like bears so you would have to wait till spring like the snow to melt to discover the location.

To me it maybe is a simple clue to discovering where the chest is. If you can't find the blaze during the day maybe the blaze is only visible at dusk. My favorite is that he put the chest near a cave(not in a cave) and bats come out at night so this would pinpoint the location in a area that is too big to search so look for the bats coming out of an area and a cave should be nearby and they the bats will appear as tarry little scant pepper flakes in the night sky and if you have never seen this which I have, it is quite a marvel gaze.

So I warned you so it now up to you if want to use this dangerous intel.

I claim no liability if you get bit by a vampire or bat or sprayed by a skunk so be careful at night or if you fall asleep and miss the main event don't blame me please.
06-07-2013, 03:05 PM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read
If this is true, and I have given it some thought, it would indeed take us thousands of years to find it. There are instances of a naturally occurring "sun dagger" out there, but they are very few.

06-07-2013, 03:33 PM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from admin on June 7, 2013, 16:25</b>

He does mention eating supper at lunch time. So he does actually talk about that very topic. I'm still leaning towards Forrest just likes to eat sandwiches though.

Is the vampire cute? At least I'd be around for 1000 years to find out where Forrest hid this...or maybe we can send the vampire to Forrest's house so we can continue getting the Today Show clues for 1000 years. Eventually he has to give us one that leads us there.

Okay PTN that may expalin the sandwich but he states that hint with using a flashlight

so does he eat his sandwich lunch in the dark then?

Eating supper for lunch, where did that come from, was it in the book?

Maybe a ghost appears and leads us to the chest?

I thought it was a good share because it does not pimpoit any certain spot but if no one has found the chest and i think everyone is searching during the day, maybe we just give up to

06-07-2013, 04:39 PM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read
I believe he clarified it with "you won't need the flashlight" - so Just a sandwich!
06-07-2013, 04:59 PM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from Little Sparrow on June 7, 2013, 17:39</b>

I believe he clarified it with "you won't need the flashlight" - so Just a sandwich!

Okay then it maybe it is in a place that has no restaurants close by and to get something to eat you would have to drive miles away. Many small towns have no resturants or they are only open during dinner lunch time

So actual you really only need the poem and if forrest keeps clarifying and dropping or changing the hints what if any good are they then! Next is he he going to say only wooden

outhouses not plastic ones! What if they place a plastic outhouse next to the chest in the future. So by giving hints and then changing them they make hints a mute point then maybe?

To me thinking of this hint flashlight + sandwich means you never needed them to find it

it just makes it easier to find it. You still need to figure out the nine clues.
06-08-2013, 07:16 PM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read
Tim - I believe you are right about the time of day, however twice a day is when dark/light converge. Are you sure it is not the other one?

The Wolf
06-09-2013, 02:51 AM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from NTMI on June 8, 2013, 21:29</b>
<div class="bbcode_quote">
<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from NTMI on June 7, 2013, 18:53</b>

I still take indirect "clues" with a grain of salt, and I'll still be looking in other areas that the ol' goat might have hidden it. And I do use that term endearingly!


So much is lost in the written word - I hope that you understand that I have taken your intel to heart, thank you; and I will employ it in the next foray to my spot (and any others that I may check into in the area). Hopefully it will fit into my spot, but if it doesn't, I still am pleased by the fact that you shared it. You ROCK! Sadly, though, I am noticing that my wife is starting to become a tad bit cross with me for spending so much time on the Chase, so I have decided that it is in my better interest to spend a little bit more of my down time on the Honey-Do list. For the guys on this site; if you've ever seen how much of a stink they can make when they're upset, you understand why it's in my better interest! Big Grin She does have a valid point, though - this thing has driven me to the brink before, and it's not good when your wife is convinced that you are crazy...

@Wolf -

? Bats don't fly in the daytime! Wink

@Stephanie -

TY, this is the best site ever! And I thought Mark Dreyer's was good, until, well...


Thanks and it is a suggestion only and I think if you go to all the trouble going to a location why not wait around and see what happens at dusk, if nothing then at least it was one thing that you

may later regret if you happened to think of it months later. I would probable still do this near my car though. Don't want to get anyone lost in the dark</div>
06-09-2013, 03:11 AM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from The Wolf on June 8, 2013, 20:16</b>

Tim - I believe you are right about the time of day, however twice a day is when dark/light converge. Are you sure it is not the other one?

The Wolf

Wolf I am really not sure if the time of day does matter, However search areas are vast and if by chance f did put the chest say near a cave, and bats do occupy some caves that maybe hidden say by trees or bush, using some event like bats or sunrise or sunset just my help pinpint that.

So it was just more of a thought and a suggestion and if everyone is searching during the day

and not finding the chest maybe time of day is important but who knows.

I would say only stay till dusk and near a vehicle, As far as sunrise that is another thought so

would that be some kinda bird that would help.

How about the reference begin it in the end and that maybe relates to begin the search at the end of the day.

06-09-2013, 12:11 PM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read
Hey guys! Getting ready to go to Canada for a few days...going to a concert in Vancouver. Then Yellowstone, then New Mexico. Im taking 19 days off work!! getting excited!!
06-09-2013, 12:53 PM,
Dangerous Intel Spoiler Alert Do Not Read
Have fun Mike!!!!

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