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Weather/Seasons/Mystical Places/Animals Folklore
04-19-2018, 03:40 PM,
Weather/Seasons/Mystical Places/Animals Folklore
Foggy, misty places are where worlds meld into one another.

The Elysian Fields, where the souls of dead hero's repose, may be derived from an Egyptian word that means field of reeds.

Styx's other name is Alpha. A spiral coils around hades nine times.

North wind- Boreas
south wind-Auster
East wind-eureus
West wind- zephyr
King of winds- Aeolus

In the mountains, the male element of fire meets the female element of the earth mother. Ask a mountaineer why he ventures out of his comfort zone, and he, like George Mallory, will answer "because IT'S there."

In alchemy, gold is the metal to the sun.

The path of a star (asterisk):

(I know I’ve posted this before, but with lines crossing talk coming up again, thought I’d post again)

[Image: 1807bb5b75246103747bf864d7f3cb50.jpg]

End of F's rainbow--fulfillment of a promise
Iris was the goddess of the rainbow

Spring is morning-- flowers, green, Hermes
Summer is noon- dragon, sun, red, Orange, yellow
Fall is evening--grapes, brown, wine
Winter is night- black, silver, grey

Twilight signals a transitional point, it's where black and white meld into grey, associated with the western quarter, time of fairies and elves

Night- Nyx governed sleep and dreams

Druid tradition- north is great starry bear of the heavens, south is great stag in the heat of the chase, east is the hawk of the dawn, and west is the salmon of wisdom

The ant was one of the teachers of the wisest king, Solomon. The ant was sacred to Demeter.

The badger has an affinity with the moon, hidden secrets.

In China, the bat is a lucky charm. Nocturnal and has access to hidden knowledge and secret information.

The celts felt the bear was synonymous with warrior. Arthur means bear. Artio and Artemis both female hunters and warriors that shared the bears name.

The bear is associated with the moon. Other names for bear "the old fellow," "the brown one," or "bruin."

Beavers bones were kept in a secret place for a year, then buried to bring good fortune to the hunt.

The boar is symbolic of a solitary spiritual quest.

BuffLo inhabit marshy wetlands-- transitional places--they have two feet in our world and two feet in the spirit world.
White buffalo- peace

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Mindy's blogs:
04-19-2018, 04:36 PM,
RE: Weather/Seasons/Mystical Places/Animals Folklore
Rotten Luck Willie sings-

Away out here they got a name
For rain and wind and fire
The rain is Tess, the fire Joe,
And they call the wind Maria

-Paint Your Wagon
04-19-2018, 05:54 PM,
RE: Weather/Seasons/Mystical Places/Animals Folklore
"Beavers bones were kept in a secret place for a year, then buried to bring good fortune to the hunt."
Mindy, where does Beavertooth live? LOL jk Beaver...
just saying ss

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