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Hairy's Crack Lounge, Open 24 Hours
Yesterday, 12:19 AM,
Hairy's Crack Lounge, Open 24 Hours
No original thought.
Running The Dream Interview with Forrest

Yesterday, 08:36 PM,
RE: Hairy's Crack Lounge, Open 24 Hours
Yup, losers with nothing to talk about other than complain about frivolous lawsuits. Like fenn gives a $hit. Poor 'ole Fenn needs a flock of losers to look out for him over things that just don't matter.

All I can say is I am delighted we flushed the cry baby worry warts down into the sewer where it drains at Hairy's Hair brains. Man these people need to get a grip on reality.
Yesterday, 11:18 PM, (This post was last modified: 2 hours ago by Top Secret.)
RE: Hairy's Crack Lounge, Open 24 Hours
When Fenn puts out a scrapbook, it is a pre-press announcement. Just pay attention. That crackpot with the sour grapes SB indicated there is a "crackpot" out there who is pissed they didn't find the treasure. We just had to wait a week to identify this crackpot. Sure enough, like clock work some yahoo from CO with a lawsuit against Fenn shows up. Fenn you are so transparent.
2 hours ago, (This post was last modified: 2 hours ago by Top Secret.)
RE: Hairy's Crack Lounge, Open 24 Hours
Did a little research on the early days of Hairy’s hate club. My were they a hateful bunch. I can see why they were give them the boots. It is evident that my mirror psychology treatment has been quite effective on them. They even created their own drama section in an attempt to clean up their hateful act.

Once very critical of Fenn, they now drool at his feet like Kowpro and her mindless following. A few more months and they will be fully assimilated into the Fenn cult. Fenn prayer and worship sessions and all.

I think I might win this year’s Chase Peace Prize! Too funny

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