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The Hook
05-21-2018, 12:12 PM,
The Hook
On Saturday, while I was driving down highway 45, I noticed a car in front of me that had a middle finger bumper sticker on the trunk. It did offend me, it’s just not nice. My first thought was to pass them and flip it back, I didn’t and continued on my way.
On Sunday, while I was fishing on the lake, a family with small children aboard a wake boat cruised really close to my boat and created wake so high I had to hold on to my handrails. Their music was blaring harsh sexual “R Rated” rap music that would make a sailor blush. They waved at me as though everything was okay, I wanted to give them the finger, I didn’t, there were children onboard. I stared them down as best as I could and wondered why adult parents would let their kids listen to such explicit music….I guess it is none of my business. Soon after they left, I landed a fat crappie and went to remove the hook when the second hook on my line found its way into the pad of my fingerprint, middle finger, right hand. It was painful, I knew it was time to go to the hospital. I pulled anchor and headed back to the marina.
At the ER they had to numb my finger to cut the hook out. You wouldn’t think that numbing a wound would be more painful than the pain of the wound…but it was, by at least 10-fold. I damn near passed out from the pain. In a weird way I thought that this was Karma for all of the times in the past that I had given people the middle’s not often that I do, but I have. I made it through the pain and headed home.
On the way home, I was driving down highway 45, I noticed a truck in front of me that had a Grumpy Cat whipping the middle finger sticker on the back window. My bandaged finger didn’t flinch.

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