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DB Cooper could be Forrest
05-03-2020, 12:42 PM,
DB Cooper could be Forrest
(05-02-2020, 06:56 PM)LongTimeReader Wrote: I'm a long time reader (even of your previous website) but rare commenter. I listened to the podcast and just wanted to tell you I was impressed with the amount of work you put into the research for your book. You and Mindy made a lot of interesting connections and made me a believer that Mr. Fenn "could" have done it with help. I like the D ring connections and the idea that the bomb was actually a beacon. I always thought that Cooper wore loafers so he could quickly change his shoes before he jumped, knowing he would need to walk in wet terrain.

I've always wondered how Mr. Fenn came up with so many valuable items for his gallery in such a short period of time. I think he wrote he had only $20,000 to start it. I generally thought he must have discovered a cache of artefacts, but you raise a good theory of how he could have financed it. And the idea of how he could have laundered the money in Russia is intriguing.

I lived in Seattle at the time and have always been lightly interested in this case so I enjoyed the podcast. Even the host expressed a fact you had, that most don't. Although Bellingham is way north of King county, Bellevue is in it and could be the B city Mindy was trying to think of.

And I think you're right about Mr. Fenn being the type of person that would playfully place clues right in front of our face and laugh while doing it. I think he did the same with his poem. At least, that's how his poem appears to me.

Well done ladies, good luck with your book.

Thank you! Smile

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05-03-2020, 01:31 PM,
RE: DB Cooper could be Forrest book with download
(11-27-2018, 10:48 PM)findingit Wrote:

I would argue that you make poor decisions. Calling something 'fantasy fiction' doesn't change a thing.

Sharing it on a forum might count as publishing.

He approved me writing it. He's always been excited about the idea I was writing it until it was done....something seemed strange. I think someone must have been upset about the attention it was getting back then and he didn't want them upset...that's just a guess. He's not bitter about anything and he's amused by the I don't know where a lawsuit comes into play.
© Stephanie
05-03-2020, 01:47 PM,
RE: DB Cooper could be Forrest
Surprises me how Forrest talks about lee harvey oswald and john wilkes booth and how people want to be remembered. Isn't DB sort of in the same company as them except he didn't actually kill anyone? Strange he picks people who are bad guys...forrest calls himself a rake, says he was told he was a fraud by the kids dad. DB was a fraud since he used another name. DB is described as having olive skin...there's an olive jar in the chest. DB is obviously two first names....and he mentions the kid John Charles.

You can't find it on an afternoon picnic....a kid can find it. A kid found the Tena Bar $5800 while on an afternoon picnic.

By the way...I want to clear up that I was wrong in the podcast when I said it was Forrest's dad who took the same plane out of the same airport DB was actually Skippy. I forgot Skippy has the same name as his dad. Here's the exact information I found on an ancestry site a few years back.


Mr William Fenn



Port of Departure:

Tokyo, Japan

Arrival Date:

17 Mar 1954

Port of Arrival:

Seattle Tacoma Airport, Washington


Northwest Airlines
© Stephanie
05-03-2020, 02:41 PM,
RE: DB Cooper could be Forrest
Mcfly emailed me with a great are his exact words.
So have you considered this, Forrest says catcher in the rye is an “unofficial authobiography” but the places are different, the names of the places are different and the names of people are different.

In the book, Holden Caulgieds brother’s name was DB.
© Stephanie
05-15-2020, 02:45 AM,
RE: DB Cooper could be Forrest
^ interesting possible connections.

Pays to be a winner.
05-19-2020, 07:27 PM,
RE: DB Cooper could be Forrest
Operation Ocean Drop was the mission. Dan Cooper was the false name on the ticket, not D.B. Cooper.

Dan was making for Cape Disappointment for a rendezvous with the escape boat.

Dan Cooper = Ocean Drop = Cape Rondo

Or probably not.

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