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Poll: Who is the Chase's A$$hole of the Year
This poll is closed.
16 32.65%
6 12.24%
9 18.37%
1 2.04%
3 6.12%
Mike Davis
6 12.24%
Hairy Crackhouse
4 8.16%
Rooster Cockburn
4 8.16%
Total 49 vote(s) 100%
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Vote for Chase a$$hole of the Year
05-25-2019, 01:06 PM,
RE: Vote for Chase a$$hole of the Year
(05-25-2019, 12:46 PM)Top Secret Wrote: I wonder if krapO has ever wondered why cow doesn’t receive as much flack as Krapo even though they are in bed together? Gee I wonder if it is because Krapo is a drama queen who taunts other searchers into fights and when they respond and properly kick her fat a$$, she makes up some crybaby video looking for sympathy while blaming it all on others. Then rinses and repeats. krapO why don’t you follow your partners lead and just shut the fluck up and grow some skin and accept responsibility for your unethical ways.

I think we are getting way into repetitive posting here. While it may help you blow off steam, it is not really useful for the rest of us.

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