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Indulgence age and Credibility gap/Sitting Bull Pipe
02-04-2019, 10:13 AM,
RE: Indulgence age and Credibility gap/Sitting Bull Pipe
I'm starting to believe the "time-out" time is calculated by simply rolling a dice.

Anyway, if he is a troll he's probably already back under a different name. (Having such large "timeouts" only encourages this)
Such is the life of a thread.
02-04-2019, 03:59 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-04-2019, 04:00 PM by easternOHsteve.)
RE: Indulgence age and Credibility gap/Sitting Bull Pipe
@John Brown
Fenn said Turley says 3/4" iron strip, front to back measure of hoof, double and add 2". But actually widest part of hoof, double and add 1" is in Turley's online notes.
Is the 3/4" significant? or is the 1" difference the hint? Or maybe side to side vs front to back? I noticed the statement difference; however, I could not figure it out for sure. 2" front to back = 2000" and side to side 1"= 1 degree difference from the stated Runway 27 in scrapbook??? That was my thoughts anyway. IMO as always; it does match my trip.

I meant 2000', not 2000" sorry.
just saying ss
05-08-2019, 09:34 AM,
RE: Indulgence age and Credibility gap/Sitting Bull Pipe
(02-01-2019, 10:51 AM)Top Secret Wrote: While the debate continues about the two chests and the date of which Indulgence or both originate, there are a silly couple of comments coming forward that are weak and if believed brings much more into question.

The first comment I noticed that is gaining steam from the Fenn Kool-Aid sippers is that Fenn was fooled by the seller of Indulgence into believing it is an 1150 Romanesque bible box and that is why he said he overpaid for it.

This is the problem with that unintelligent kind of shallow thinking. If Fenn who is supposed to be an expert at these kind of things is easily fooled into buying something with a gargantuan age difference is quite amateurish.

Ok if this is what happened, why not examine Fenn's other purchases, say Sitting Bull's pipe. Some yahoo off the street walks into Fenn's home claiming to have Sitting Bull's pipe. Think about that for a second, who the heck would entertain such a con job? How did Fenn' determine its authenticity? Yup he did it on his own by comparing the groves from a photo. Any good forger would have easily accounted for that.

So those who believe Fenn was easily fooled into believing this late 19th century box is 1150AD chest, will conclude that the same happened to Fenn with the Sitting Bull pipe. Maybe he even knows the Sitting Bull pipe is a fake and it doesn't matter, all that matters is what he can make all you suckers to believe. Just like that bottomless bottle of Jackie Kennedy Brandy that every Tom-Dick and Hairy chugs by the gallon at every visit to his home.
Moderator: Request to move this to immortality sub-thread

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