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Hairy preys on the stupid of stupid
02-01-2019, 08:01 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-01-2019, 08:05 PM by Top Secret.)
Hairy preys on the stupid of stupid
To the smart searchers this will be obvious but for the noobies, this needs to be said.

Recently the enemies of Mindy have made their peace, but Hairy makes his money for his website off of hate towards Mindy. It is a business to him and he spread his butt checks wide open to receive Fenn's member(ship). Hating Mindy and CC is big business to him.

Sasha set them straight on all the lies that he has been spreading about Mindy and called his thugs a bunch of middle-aged obsessed story makers. Hairy's company are all the same, they make huge assumptions to fit their bias. They have an extreme case of confirmation bias towards Mindy and CC members because they were given the boots for being idiots.

I have been reading their garbage for quite some time wondering why none of his members ever call him on his poorly supported claims, or wild-a$$ conspiracy theories.

Even though JJ and Sasha no longer support his hate and Sasha called him on his lies, he still preys on the stupid because only the stupid would buy the crap he is selling.

There are an infinite quantity of examples but this latest example of his stupid unsupported statements is, "Nowadays Mitty has to resort to doing favors to searchers down on their luck just so she can manipulate them and turn them against other searchers. Thankfully that tactic is exposed and few will fall for it now. I suspect its also why she always ask people to PM her for stuff like info on the 200' guy. I expect it might be so she can PM them back and try to manipulate them against others. She knows if she pulls any public crap we will be on to her so she is sneakily trying to do it behind our backs"

Only the stupid would believe something like. Even Chris Yates said that Mindy is always nice to him, yet a new unsubstantiated story emerges everyday but the stupid gobble it up without a question. It is like he is hosting a stupid zoo over there that acts as a magnet to attract all the stupid searchers, which may not be all a bad thing.

Right now, I use Hairy's membership as a guide to the gullible of the chase and ignore anything they say because if they are Hairy's member, then they are stupid as hell.
02-02-2019, 12:37 PM,
RE: Hairy preys on the stupid of stupid
Point in case. kim Jong-un is our first "stupid as hell" volunteer to step forward and prove Hairy is preying on the stupid of stupid. He actually fell for Seannm's (the Flipside knob) pathetic crybaby tattletale plea for sympathy.

Seannm's MO is to use multiple aliases to attack people who do nothing to him because he needs enemies in his life. He has admitted to this and that is why brubr and I called him on his shameless "act nice" attempt get back on CC. He was caught in another lie when brubr asked him to apologize like he promised and he reneged and got the boot.

Seannm has a history or making up stories about other searchers that are not true, citing emails that never surface. This is a cowardly act used to seek attention similar to kpro, but only the stupid of the stupid would believe any of this without asking for proof. Seannm is just a little whiney little girl who cries to mummy when things don't go his way. Cry Seannm cry!
02-09-2019, 11:46 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-09-2019, 12:03 PM by Top Secret.)
RE: Hairy preys on the stupid of stupid
Poor Hairy is so dejected that his update form Fenn did not materialize. He wanted so badly and predicted the update would come, and now he sits trying to blame it on CC members. Oh how pathetic that desperate little man has become.

If there was anything in that release, it is that the closet solver/200 foot guy is flying (probably is a pilot) beneath the radar (200 feet flyer), which means he is not on the blogs bragging that he is the "lead dog" sorry Hairy, Fenn just fried your a$$! LMAO

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