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Hairy the Hypocrite
02-28-2019, 08:53 AM,
RE: Hairy the Hypocrite
Hairy is becoming my new wind up toy. He reacts on command, often within seconds. Paranoid, yes, but he is also very defensive and has to refute every claim said about him. I just let him sleep on making his paranoid rants, when I a loser is making mistakes, why stop him. It has gotten so bad, he believes his own lies now.

Todays instalment of Hypocrite Hairy is this:
Hairy, claims Fenn joined his forum, but then claims Davis talked to Fenn and did all the setup,etc. Wait what is wrong with you doing it Hairy? You are the forum owner and administrator. Are you even a real person, all forum owners have identities, yet you have Davis do your work.

I know you have always had your tongue up Davis' @ss and are overly support the sensitive creature, but here is what is wrong with your story. Davis just said this, "You, like me, seem to believe that the more exposure to Fenn a person has, the less likely that person is to ever find the treasure."

Davis has always preached the way to survive in this game is to stay away from Fenn. That is the one thing I agree with Davis and is why I am here, but now you are saying it was Davis who talked to Fenn and got him registered at Hairy's. Sorry your story stinks to high heaven, so I am not buying it, but your gullible cult following believe all they want, I will just grab some popcorn and watch them as they gobble Hairy's putrid kook-aid.
02-28-2019, 02:03 PM,
RE: Hairy the Hypocrite
I should create a separate hypocrite page for each Hairy member, but until then lets talk Hypocrite Presby. He is easy, cause he is a wannabee suckhole that everything that spews from his chops wreaks of $hit.

Take his latest ironic hypocritical post.
- where he read old posts of Hairy and Davis increased admiration (your such a pathetic suck-hole) not sucking up to Fenn to get private hints.
[Reality: Whoa wait, is that not what I am doing here? I post the same things Hairy did 4 year ago, so thank you Papshmir, I take that as a big compliment. Ahh but wait there is more, Hairy and Davis are now actively recruiting and promoting the Fenn connection, bragging about the fictitious lead dog, trying to get extra hints out of Fenn in 6Qs and associating with kpro (who browbeat FF in his own home for hints). Oh the irony.]

- "Neither of you tried to peddle any ego-centric trash, like books about your failed search attempts. Vanity blogs etc. "
[Reality: no they have an ego-centric forum complete with money making adds to line the pockets of the greedy forum owner, bragging about Fenn's membership and that they are lead dog, Oh the hypocritical irony]

-"You didn't try to self-promote in an attempt to hitch any shabby wagons to someone else's star (Fenn) in order to free load off of him."
[Reality: That is exactly what they are doing, trying to con members to join using the Fenn connection as bait, no clearer example of hitching to Fenn than that. LMAO!]

-"Before the truth started to come to light about what really happened behind the scenes, between Fenn and his CC false accusers, you initially judged Fenn harshly for it. You were concerned about the welfare of other searchers in the Chase Who might get harmed if what was being falsely alleged against Fenn had been anywhere close to truth (it wasn't). You spoke up. Not caring if Fenn would dislike you. You didn't care that you would fall under ill favor with Fenn. You spoke your concience. "
[Reality: Thank you Presby, you are really talking about me now aren't you? I knew you would come around. Now your idols have become bunnies and you hypocritically applaud them]

-"You didn't pander to Fenn's favor, you called him to task. And you admitted it when you found out you were wrong about him."
[Reality: but gold fever in the end defeated them, leaving only me to challenge Fenn. They signed a deal with F and sold their sole, they are now owned by Fenn, exactly what Davis supposedly was against and now he is a Fenn bunny, never thought I would see the day but Davis is actually a first clas suck-holing Fenn bunny! ROTFLMAO!!! ]

-"When you were unfairly banned, you admitted to taking a couple of akas, and what they were, years ago to express your opinions on CC."
[Reality: once a cheater always a cheater, they took the aliases with them dumb-ass, and now they talk to themselves because no one else will. It is so easy to tell who they are.]

There is much more Presby suck-holing but I kept vomiting in my mouth, at what a pathetic butt-licker he is, that I had to stop. Sometimes I wonder if he that fricken stupid or if he is so lonely he posts blatantly hypocritical material wants be to respond and get his own hypocrite page. But either way, as I read this I am elated to see how these so called honest brokers finally sold in and joined the Fenn bunny club! CC remains the only honest broker forum in town. Fenn calls the moderation shots everywhere but here. Face it Presby you are a bunny now! ROTFLMAO!!!!
04-28-2019, 10:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-28-2019, 10:32 PM by Top Secret.)
RE: Hairy the Hypocrite
Well I am going to tap into my Hairy crystal balls (I crack myself up!) and predict Treasure Code will be banned for violating the "no attacking the Hairy attackers" policy. Which ironically was what they cried about CC supposedly doing to them for 3 years.

Poor Treasure Code, he was really starting to earn my respect.
05-17-2019, 08:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-17-2019, 09:42 PM by Top Secret.)
RE: Hairy the Hypocrite
(02-09-2019, 12:31 PM)crazyfamily Wrote: Yeah, one of my early posts on the Crack Lounge thread was about them posting my personal information. I went over their heads to Tapatalk, who removed the posts. They couldn't handle getting beat at their own game. Like King MoonRacer says, it's illegal to post personal information.

Funny you should mention that. I stopped visiting that site since it all but dries up if am not fuelling them. So I was bored tonight and took a peek and I think they just hit ludicrous speed on the paranoia meter.

Hairy once boated cc couldn’t handle a dislike button, but quickly abandon theirs because of thin skin, when someone didn’t like his posts. Apparently his thin skin is now molecular thin and he now bans people for using the like button. Lol

If that isn’t bad enough he is banning innocent people just because they are Canadian. Someone should tell him there is like 35 million people there, not just his ghost from the past. His shameful act to expose his members like he did to CF and others is sure to cause mistrust and anxiousness.

Anywho I am ever so happy to take full responsibility for this latest paranoid rage, and this time I wasn’t even trying. Lol. It is like I have full control of his brain and when I disappear he goes into withdrawal complete with the shakes. Yah just can’t make this stuff up!

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