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God Bless The Dead
02-23-2019, 11:11 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-02-2019, 06:29 PM by CapnCook.)
Shocked  God Bless The Dead
God bless the dead and buried brothers
Don't worry if your seed dies first tell him life gets worse
I aint mad, I know youre representin your crew
And I can picture you in Heaven with a blunt and a brew.

Screw the world, pain was a part of the game
If you a baller, money went as quick as it came
My role models gone or they locked in the pen
Straight hustlas, caught up in the whirlwind

The other day, I thought I seen my homeboy bloody Saying " don't quit dont stop, brother, no pity"
We all hoods and all we ever had was dreams
Money making mothalovas plotting scandalous schemes

In the gutter, you learn to have a criminal mind
I was addicted to trying never meant to do time
My epitaph will read was the last of the free
Kicked never quit and made the blind man see
God bless the dead,

Man, aint nobody promised me a thang
I been caught up in this game
Ever since I was a little motherlova wanting to hang. I can see them in my head, pow

Memories of my brother but he dead now
Looking back in my year book all the years took
Half my peers, theyre stretched for years
And if I die will they all shed tears?

Two to the dome, leave me alone, let me get my head clear
Paranoid got me looking in the mirror
Behind me, life without my nine, Id rather do the time
See Im old enough to know there aint no justice

Duck the police and all the courts same way they forgot us
And why the hell am I locked in jail
They let them rich boys free
We be shocked as hell

In my mind I can see it coming
And all the time its a plot to keep a sucker running
But by keeping a gun youll never run unless Im coming at ya
Cry later but for now lets enjoy the laughter
God bless the dead

Lifes a young mans game. Let the old wither and die.
Too Afraid to see the truth of their changed lies.

I be a pirate in me blood.I drink rum to forget. im selfish and will get mine. Or just take mine. I will never quit.

How about you Fenn? You quit? Got kanckles running up on ya? Yelling at ya in ya own home? Lol. Got all these hoochies and tricks on ya? God bless ya.

But rest when you be dead. Like the rest of us.
03-02-2019, 07:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-02-2019, 09:05 PM by CapnCook.)
RE: God Bless The Dead
Be warned Im a storm.
The lightning and the thunder in physical form.

When I speak the spirits swarm.
You can feel them creep up each of your arms.

Your hairs stand up.
The electricity builds from the bottom of your nuts.
To the back of your neck feel the chills and cluck.

Wheres the light in this dark?
Im your evil within.
Ready to fight and burst apart that spark fed by sin.

Forever we are.
wagers with mourned bars
Torn from scars cut deep
Born hard but still cant sleep.

Theres no rest for the weary. My eyes are blurry
Walking the cementary. But she'll never hear me.

God bless the dead.

03-02-2019, 09:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-02-2019, 09:07 PM by CapnCook.)
RE: God Bless The Dead
When I picture a place that's better than this
I can see a place we're together smiling in the mist.

A place we can chase the night away.
A place we can grace the light of another day.

With your hand in mine, we walk together through the sunshine.

Whether we still talk in time, know you've always forever been on my mind.

Each and every night I still see you in my dreams.
I'm sorry for every fight, you were right, it was all me.

You made me a better man.
Without you I'm alone on an island with no plan.

Through all the pain you never ran. Through the rain your footsteps remained in the sands of change.

But now you've gone away to a place I will never attain.
I pay the price everyday. Praying for a life that's right.

But it's too late for me. Feeling pain.

God bless the dead.
03-02-2019, 10:14 PM,
RE: God Bless The Dead
Dear lord can you hear me?
I'm sorry for my sins.
On my my knees I pray till they bleed
Pleading to see my baby once again.

Now I'm not making excuses
What's the use when I've taken the bruises
And got used to exclusive abuses.

But I've been lost since my adolescents
Been caught in criminal indiscretions
Starving just trying to survive
Its hard when you're living just to die

So I'm confessing. Yes I've made mistakes
Got caught up in the chase and lost my way
But I did what it takes. Plus I got this rage.

Im not reaching for a hand out
I just want what you owe me
Lost years in the dark that stand out
Dropped tears from the heart cuz its planned out

I want her hand in mine again
But she's too far in a world free from this sin
gone to a place my souls not welcome
I hope she's warm and strolls on beaches of talcum.

Send her my love and unyielding appreciation
Make sure she's happy above and never sees your retaliation.

Ain't nothing I fear in this world or there, just as long as she never hears of my eternal despair.

Promise me, you'll keep her safe.
I pray one day you'll see my life wasn't a waste.
I did it all for her and me.
I did it all cuz I'm selfish and God's don't feed evil seeds.

God bless the dead
03-05-2019, 06:45 PM,
RE: God Bless The Dead
(03-05-2019, 11:23 AM)lingerlonger Wrote: “pistol proof”

away, you mouldy rogue, away

I do desire we may be better strangers, buddy.

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