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03-21-2019, 05:20 AM,
RE: Covington
(03-17-2019, 05:33 PM)brubr Wrote: And I would just be happy if people who have committed FELONIES would be prosecuted, or at least INVESTIGATED properly. Unfortunately, we have had a pretty corrupt DOJ (and IRS) since 2008 and political elites who committed FELONIES in the process of, say, handling classified information, got off scot free while peons (i.e., Reality Winner) go to prison for multiple years. Now THAT'S injustice. Laws WERE broken, but a corrupt DOJ and FBI buried it all.

Hold on to the thought in your first sentence, brubr.

Though I'm not callous enough to celebrate any suicide, I will feel no sorrow over the self-inflicted death of an evil person. Over a recent weekend, a certain Ivy League professor seems to have done the deed, and he had some interesting connections. Of course, I can only speculate as to his true character and, if it was a suicide, his motive - or the motive of others if his death was not self-inflicted. Thus, I have no knowledge of any crimes, but based on this man's connections and a confluence of recent events, dots are appearing and lines are forming, and a much larger picture begins to appear.

It's possible a great beginning is finally or nearly here. There are many, many people - not only in our country - who have the same hopes and expectations as you, and I believe the tide is turning and the gloves will soon come off. When that happens, many will be held accountable. Once it begins, an avalanche of significant breadth is almost sure to follow - again, not only in our country.

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