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Eyes that can't see
04-15-2019, 02:05 PM,
Eyes that can't see
In another thread Crazyfamily stated,"I think one of the most telling aspects of this theory is that JD Salinger insinuated that he should write his memoir, and Forrest was going to finish or rewrite Catcher in the Rye. Forrest flirts with blurring the lines between reality and fiction when he describes how much his life is like Holden Caufield's. "He even had a sister like mine, the guy in the story I mean, not JD." A verisimilitude is a first person narrative that can be presented as a false document. Is a memoir not a document?

It's not that the treasure is a hoax, it's just fiction. I find it entirely plausible that Forrest has written a historical fiction about his life, and the treasure is just part of the fiction. Anyone can do it, and he's even suggested that everyone write their memoir and send it to the library of congress."

CF has eyes but doesn't see. Many have glimpsed parts but couldn't put it all together. Forrest's memoir was to be Catcher in the Rye II. Why change? Why change the chest's name from Tarzan to Indulgence? F wants us to use his works to write our own story, as he did. He gives us adventure and that is in short supply these days. The bickering about who is right or wrong is irrelevant. This forum, and others like it, and your posts will be your legacy. Only one will have a better story to tell. Remember the end of the 3rd Indiana Jones movie....Many chose poorly....only one chose wisely! F stated that his life was similar to Holden's, but some things were different or left out. What in F's stories are similar to your adventure? And look for the things left out. These thoughts would lead you to a place. Once there what do you do to pinpoint? That is where I am at. The end. Good luck, each of you, when you have to write your stories. I'm findingit.

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