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Pandora's box vs lead searcher, the hard line
05-16-2019, 05:21 PM,
RE: Pandora's box vs lead searcher, the hard line
(05-16-2019, 09:51 AM)Top Secret Wrote: Ok, so I cause a lot of trouble, it is what I do, but I do it for good reason. Keep it real and offer balance and provide entertainment (FF said that is really what blogs are for, so I take it up with him!).

Now I have been sitting back for a long time listening to this lead searcher crap, base on Fenn's words such as "gut feeling" and "not given the answer to the clues in the right order" blah blah blah.

So what do these yahoos do? They speculate the "lead searcher" is having trouble, or Fenn is trying to guide them or the end is near crap.

Look you turkeys, stop following the herd like a bunch of sheep. Start thinking for yourself. No one wants to think the tough stuff, they only want to think the warm fuzzy feeling crap.

So here is the counter deal. No one ever considers how Fenn knows the chest is still out there. They come up with video cameras, fenn visits the site regularly (even though he says he doesn't) or some other stupid excuse. But wait, why has no one ever seriously considered Fenn's words, the type of person who finds it won't be able to keep their mouth shut? Now I realize everyone thinks the finder will be bragging when they "stumble" on it during their spring break picnic.

But that ain't the way it works, think of Fenn's words, this is a long process likely to require several visits to the location because at least one of the clues has to be found with BOTG. So the finder will likely realize this and not be a Sally Sing out. It will all be methodical and no knee jerk reaction. Remember that family that stumbled onto the paint cans of gold coins on their property chose to remain anonymous for good reason!

Now consider Fenn's other option Pandora's box. The finder has plenty of time between solving verifying the clues and recovering the chest. S/he might even take little Indulgence and put it under the bed or in the vault and think about it. But think about what?!

Well here are somethings they will have to consider, the 7%ers who we see in full force almost daily, and they are willing to break down the finder's door at the moment of news release. Is the finder willing to spend the few hundred grand, that the chest is worth, all on security? Are they really going to want all that attention? We are not talking about the star struck kpro/seannms who have zero chance of solving it, we are talking rational thinkers capable of solving a difficult poem and understanding the risks, who do not have that level of greed.

Now consider Fenn's suggested and verified Pandora's box scenario. What if Fenn placed something, say that special item reserved just for the finder, in Indulgence that would force the finder to come forward thus releasing the Pandora's box full effect.

What if that "special item" is something requiring legal attention? Maybe something not so pleasant that ties the hand of the finder. Maybe it is some evidence or item requiring the finder by law to turn it in to authorities, thus forcing the finder to reveal the find? Now that is the ultimate plan that fulfills Fenn's wishes to know if it was found. The special item that is so powerful that it would make Fenn live on in infamy at the cost of the solver's pain.

Yes a true Pandora's box answers why the finder has lots of things to consider. So is it possible the poem is solved and the solver thought through this and walked away? Did they out think Fenn's confident gut feeling and gave up the immunity idol to battle Fenn in a start fire competition Mano a Mano? Maybe this really is a case of seeking the challenge and not the quarry.

Ok, enough reality, nah it couldn't be, so lets get back to rationalizing fairy tales. That warm fuzzy stuff is so much more self-satisfying... In the mean time I predict more "Fenn going out of chase business fire sales. Bronze jars are next to go.

It seems like "warm fuzz" are the 8 letters du jour lately, so don't
need much revisiting.
05-16-2019, 06:36 PM,
RE: Pandora's box vs lead searcher, the hard line
I used ladder logic instead of furry logic while working on my solve. And the "box" thing (i.e., Pandora's box, thinking outside the box, getting back inside the box) interests me, but I don't think it will help me solve the poem.

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