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Confirming The Correct Forrest Fenn Where Warm Waters Halt Essay
05-27-2019, 11:44 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-28-2019, 02:34 AM by realistrealist.)
RE: Confirming The Correct Forrest Fenn Where Warm Waters Halt Essay
(05-25-2019, 11:20 PM)minotaur_moreno Wrote: Confirming The Correct Forrest Fenn Where Warm Waters Halt (W.W.W.H.): After Six Years, a Seasoned Searcher Believes He's Finally Done It.

Essay Includes:

1. Over 600 potential W.W.W.H. locations with name, city, state, county, elevation, and coordinate information from the GNIS.
2. The Forrest Fenn quote used to reduce the field down to only a few possible legitimate W.W.W.H. possibilities.
3. The one, never before mentioned anywhere to my knowledge by anyone, The Thrill of the Chase place which, in my opinion, no-doubt confirms which W.W.W.H. location is correct.
4. Three other potential "finds" I've found over the last six years just using the poem that also confirm the general area on where to start.

I honestly feel I'm dropping a complete game-changing bomb with this document. I'm convinced I have figured out W.W.W.H. and where in the book Mr. Fenn intended you to know it. Anyone that knows me or has interacted w/ me on these boards knows I would not do this if I didn't believe I had found something truly spectacular.

If you have questions, please let me know.


Sure, my question is what is your WWWH? I'm still not going out again Smile

The 1st chapter after page 15 tells how to prove WWWH. I'm guessing there are conditions that need to be met.

1. There must be a sign with "Warm (waters)" on it (principal sign) (correlating to where you go "in") (Fenn's talk of the importance of his name in the 1st few chapters after page 15 mimics his statements to the importance of the 1st clue - him pointing out his father's parking space to everyone = Fenn name being most important and possible big attraction in area, Marvin Fenn is related to Warm Waters later in the book while Forrest is relating to Halt and Bridge)
2. The road to the spot must be a one way road (olives placed one at a time)
3. etc. (I still don't get what appears to be a Mr. Ed reference... Marvin Fenn was a one pony show and Mrs. Fenn had no teeth = Mr. Ed - supposed to go down rabbit hole towards Allan Lane - Red Ryder again? or publishing company name? colophon from intro? lol)

I'll always be latched onto Warm Creek.

Is your HoB the Colorado River?

Just stopping by for first time in a while to see what y'all crazy sob's are up to Wink

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