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Sentinel Creek for anyone that wanted more
06-13-2019, 11:28 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-13-2019, 11:30 PM by realistrealist.)
Sentinel Creek for anyone that wanted more
information from last thread by CapnCook that got deleted. Copying over an old post from here since no one really looks at stories forum (right??):

"I can keep my secret where"- Sentinal meadows, Yellowstone. A sentinel is a guard who is known to keep guard over something and not let intruders pass.

"Begin it where warm waters halt" Sentinal Creek where it meets the Firehole River, but more closely look at this map and see that a "warm creek" meets the Sentinal Creek. The fact that Sentinal is spelled wrong like Forrest said also points to it, also sentinels say "halt! who goes there?" to identify people (do some digging and you will see). Also in TTOTC, Forrest often says the phrase "just stood there" the military teaches that a sentinel (guard) should do his best to stand there and not react to anything. This is the best WWWH I ever knew. Also in one of the "Scrapbook" sections on Dal's Blog he mentions a stone pillar looking like a sentinel, so I know he knows the word...

I figured all the other stuff would fall into place, like the Home of Brown and too far to walk, but I did not find anything.

It was no place for the meek with the insects and disgusting marshy ground.

I never felt like I ever took it in the canyon down because I was actually walking upstream the whole time, but I thought maybe Forrest was meaning something else by it.

Here is the next great solve part. "There'll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high". Look on google maps and you will find that up Sentinal creek there are some sinter cone formations, one of which is called "Steep Cone" or something like that, for water high, and then there is the Queens Laundry. Surprisingly, not many people know about this place. Look into it, it is pretty cool and historical with the ruins of an old bath house next to it. I figured that the Queens Laundry would be one heavy LOAD! (yeah I came up with that on my own and laughed about it for a while, but it was dang good!) In TTOTC he says that the cats that gathered around him while he milked Bessie were like "wet socks" hanging on the line or something like that, which would make a great hint to it, also he calls Frosty "The Ruler" while he is working at his dishes job. Coincidence? I think not.

It was not a hard hike at all, so I think he could have made it there with the treasure, and when I got to the parking lot on Fountain Flat Drive, there was only about one car because no one knows of this place, so he could hide it secretly with ease. I could find a ton of burned tree stumps that could have been blazes, but they weren't because I checked around every one I saw and have no gold. The trees around there are no good for carving trail blazes into either.

So yeah, I poked around a lot but could not match too many clues and ended up going home empty handed. If somehow that was the right solve and I was just too dumb at the time to piece it together, I hope if anyone goes there after they read this and find old Fenn's trove, they remember old Silent who led them there and cuts me two percent or so.

I was going to take pics, but I could not find my camera before I left home... oh well. Pretty good for a teenager, right?

End of post

Believed beginning from thread that was deleted (I don't like wasted time):

The connection to 1st grade chapter IMO is regarding his blog post called Buffalo Smoke. He has two schools in TTOTC, his regular school and Yellowstone NP as his second school - they mirror one another. His father's parking spot in front of the school where he went "in" is a copy of his father's parking spot inside West Yellowstone where he'd park to bypass the line into the park in the blogpost Buffalo Smoke.

I don't know if the Gibbon River/Madison Junction are the intended WWWH, but I tend to lean towards Firehole being WWWH due to his other blog post about the area and his statement that there are many places where warm water halts North of Santa Fe. Firehole River is distinct from other warm warm rivers IMO and would invalidate the statement. I think the "s" in "waterS" gives you insight into why he's referring to Firehole generally as opposed to other waterways (creeks/rivers) which hot water features are tied to.

Reading TTOTC and the chapter No Place for Biddies gives me the strong picture of a bathroom on one side of the street which Fenn is meant to cross. Maybe it's a coincidence there are restrooms (2? kind of shaped like chicken houses) on the side of the street you park to get to the Firehole Swimming Area - or maybe it's not. That you have to cross the street is... interesting.

I like the Nez Perce brown trout connection as the home of Brown - I believe I first read a few posts about it 2 years ago and they have been popping up more frequently over time. I think where people err with their solves with Nez Perce Creek is in execution - they go up Nez Perce Creek vs. the opposite way down the Firehole (though there doesn't appear to be a creek downstream into Firehole Canyon which would pertain to later clues). He writes about Indians chasing chickens and loosely gives a connection to hoB and TFTW IMO.

The next chapter causes me trouble because it paints the picture of crossing a bridge vs. simply crossing water. There doesn't appear to be a bridge down along the swimming area of Firehole. This causes me to doubt the area a bit and leads back to Iron Spring Creek (hoB - creek Brown Sprouter leaks into) area which is where you can find other elements of the chapter.

For a solve with the swimming area, "no place for the meek" would get you across the Firehole River and have you going in the direction of National Park Mountain where Yellowstone was (perhaps falsely claimed - movies lie?) to be founded (title to the gold...).

With a Sentinel Creek solve, no place for the meek would be the bridge across Nez Perce Creek and TFTW just a waypoint along the canyon. Tying the following two lines together: "No place for the meek, I've done it tired and now I'm weak" as shown here: would then refer to Freight Road which goes with his blogpost about paddling his bike.

It is clear the first and last lines are tied together with the beginning and ending letters of the lines - and I can't see how the chest is not located in Yellowstone.

My assumption is he puts heavy loads and water high in the name of one of his chapters. It's banco.

Banco: a portion of the floodplain or channel of a river cut off and left dry by the shifting of its course

No paddle = no tree (story of switches/paddle/punishment) growth on the banco - just heavy bedrock/bedload and an area demarcated by high water.

All of this is old information and nearly all of it has been thought before, but perhaps someone will figure it out. Reposting the old post because I'd never seen the old map before and had no idea there was a Warm Creek connected to Sentinel Creek - or that a Sulphur (tarry) Springs were up there by a small area kind of enclosed by pines. And remember, in the wood = wooded ridge.

06-14-2019, 12:11 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-14-2019, 12:25 AM by Beavertooth.)
RE: Sentinel Creek for anyone that wanted more
Good stuff here. Mindy used to mention the Queen's Laundry as a possible heavy loads and water high. I'm not sure if she actually used it for a BOTG. I used to point out (probably at least five posts over the years), that the place was used as a bathing spot, and not a laundry, and people would hang their clothes on the tree branches while they bathed, which caused the name. I did not point out the cat reference, because I use the cats for something else.

I like your idea of Sentinel Creek. I don't think I've seen that one before. On the other hand, I don't read the other blogs, or even most of Dal's, or the Facebook page, or the Reddit crowd -- so I am not that well-informed.

However, and this is a big however, these are all literal place locations that you are trying to line up with the poem. My opinion is that the poem and Fenn are more devious than that method provides for. Otherwise, at least one of 50,000 serious searchers (including myself for several years) who looked at the same or similar maps as you would have found the treasure already. YMMV

I think your logical approach to this challenge is excellent, by the way -- you appear to be one of the stronger competitors. Darn it! Smile
06-14-2019, 05:22 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-14-2019, 05:25 PM by Mindy.)
Sentinel Creek for anyone that wanted more
There is actually a spot near Queen’s Laundry called China Man Wash (or Laundry or something like that), and that was the spot where a Chinese Man would set up shop to actually do laundry!

I haven’t been boots on the ground there yet. That was one of two four clue solves I sent to F just before he said someone might have solved four clues.

In that email to him, I sent two potential solves—the one with Queen’s Laundry, and one in NM.

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