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End all drama on here...
06-30-2019, 08:42 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-02-2019, 10:22 PM by Top Secret.)
RE: End all drama on here...
(06-29-2019, 11:43 PM)LurkerMike Wrote:
(06-29-2019, 10:02 PM)Top Secret Wrote: Hey LM, when dealing with stubborn know-it-alls, do you know what is the most powerful method of persuasion? Get them to do something by making them think it is their idea. I predicted early on you had a violent past and loved to pick fights (check the therapy room, it is on record). I knew the perfect place for you, a place where you would feel right at home. Not only did I get you go peacefully, I got you to thank me for it. Now that my friend is leadership. (takes bow)

It was Beavertooth that persuaded me.

So either you are trying to steal the credit that belongs to Beavertooth or Beavertooth collaborated and conspired with you to backstab me by setting me up for this Good Cop / Bad Cop routine.

But whatever.

My name is Mike Nodine and I'm in Atlanta GA. You can Google me. Anything I post I will say to anyone's face. If you doubt me I'll pay for your gas if you will come on down and visit me. You can stay in my guest room and eat with my whole family. Just watch your manners around them and you'll be fine. That's not a threat, it's a Southern Hospitality invitation.

The point here is I am a real person, a WYSIWYG kind of guy. And you are not. And I feel sad for you because it is obvious you are missing out on a lot of real-life experiences or you wouldn't be playing out these fantasy games in your mind with real people on the internets. You wouldn't focus all of your effort on getting off trying to provoke people by insulting them.

But I must thank you again Poop Secret, for leading me over to that other forum you hate so much that was formed by people who were banned here during the great CC purge a few years ago. You know the one you despise so much. And that's a good thing, keep it up. You are the best kind of advertising any competing forum could ever have.

They should make you a Moderator here you know. I've often wondered why they haven't, why Steph is slighting you like that? You should give that some thought, I mean if I am wrong about you, you should deserve to be a Mod here by now, right?
Hey LM,
Either you contradicted yourself or you failed to comprehend. Ad hominem, is that all you got? Come on Mike Nodine, I expected better of you. That is the tactic of the defeated. You got one thing right, I am not a real person, I am a chameleon. I am you, I am what you want me to be, I am what I want you to think, I am everyone. I am the entertainment. I expose the bullies, I expose the hypocrisy, I am the truth of the chase. I keep everything in equilibrium.

But if you want to go down that road, sure I will play. It is you that has issues. You lack confidence in who you are. There is something missing in your life. You are an insecure mechanic who feels the need to project some artificial guru status. You love Fenn, you suffer from Celebrity Worship Syndrome. You try to deny it by stating you want distance yourself but if he invited you to his house, you would be over in a heart beat in a dog beg pose whimpering for a lick of Jackie O brandy.

You are a wannabe, you wannabe a fighter pilot. You lack the ability to be objective and you let your emotions be easily persuaded by the dark forces that are latent within your soul. You are easily distracted and become emotionally consumed by what does not matter. You think you have the power to change people, but you are just Mike Nodine.

Mike Nodine, you have written approximately 12 novels worth of gobbledegook, yet I not heard you discuss the poem or clue since your arrival. BTW, being able to create multiple solutions is not a sign of genius it is a rookie error. The poem was designed specifically to create many fitting solutions, to get the naive out in the mountains. The real solution is precise and not what most expect, but that takes time to realize.

I really do not see how you will ever find the treasure when you are consumed with trying to impress. You need to move beyond your insecurities and focus. Feeling sorry for "characters of the chase" or attacking people who are "ruining" your chase experience, won't get you any closer to the chest.

I will get you started. Here is just a starter list of some of the many things often over looked by noobs, that need to be answered precisely.

Why did Fenn choose "waters" vice water?
Why is Brown capitalized?
Why did he use "found" vice "find" [the blaze]
What is the reason for the use of "ever" as in "ever drawing nigh?"
Why must you look "quickly down" and not just "look down?"
What is the riddle(s) that Fenn put in the poem?
Why do the only words "walk" and "halt" not rhyme?
How do most all of the poem words lead to a precise spot?

It took Fenn 15 year to craft the poem and probably will take longer to solve it.

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