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begin to end and back to begin
07-08-2019, 05:28 PM,
begin to end and back to begin
what if f's hints at out of order are suggesting something in the poem needs to be put in order

this would be something so easy a kid could understand

the poem is supposed to begin where it says begin

and begin is birth while the end is old

i believe the poem was meant to be read and solved starting with "Begin" and the 1st stanza is placed last

there are 2 places where we find the letter sequence N-(X)-I-N-T-H

if we read the poem as presented originally, this (N-I-N-T-H) is found in the ninth sentence (brave and in the wood)

if we started the poem with Begin, then the other place N-(x)-I-N-T-H is found now becomes the ninth sentence (gone alone in there)

note also from the attached pic that in both cases "SENT" is found next to NINTH in the acrostic

here are some further observations that i think help to make more sense of this

these thoughts occurred to me because i was focused on the question in the poem that comes right after we are told to take the chest "and go in peace"

and i realized that the question, i believe, is repeating what is happening after we reach the end and take the chest

we are told "to go" from the ending spot, then it starts right back in with, why must i go and leave

i believe what it is doing is the poem was written such that if we start with Begin, it takes us from beginning (stanza 2) to middle (stanza 3) to end (stanza 4)

then it continues with the point of view as if it is going back from end (stanza 5) to middle (stanza 6) and back to the beginning (stanza 1)

so if we make the first stanza the end and the ninth sentence

the order of the poem is begin - middle - end // end - middle - begin

so the first stanza would hold important hints to where we begin, and as well we should understand, imo, it is written as a point of view of one going back to the beginning

a subtle hint at this is the TS quote, the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time

understand that there will be no literal connection here as to how the treasure is retrieved, in regards to going back to the beginning

f was asked if we switch back at any point to which he said no

imo, understanding the poem should be read in this order and through this point of view though, should be very helpful to define and confirm the geographic locations and to construct correctly the clue path
07-11-2019, 08:29 AM,
RE: begin to end and back to begin
(07-10-2019, 01:32 AM)Andrew Jef Wrote: Too complicated, in my opinion, for an average person to use in solving the poem correctly . . .

Agreed. Yet another ant stomper.
07-11-2019, 11:51 AM,
RE: begin to end and back to begin
why dont you just walk right straight forward to it
07-21-2019, 10:50 PM,
RE: begin to end and back to begin
i think now is the time that we finally ax the question

is the treasure area haunnt'd by ghouls and ghosts?

we may never know the answuer

i have thought about it at least (t)wice though

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