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Yesterday, 12:01 AM,
RE: tailwaters
I've been wondering why he prayed for (4) D's. Four D's are at the end of the last 4 lines of the poem.
Yesterday, 04:32 PM,
RE: tailwaters
And other hint I'm seeing in the poem is the words that are on the left edge of the 5th and 6th stanzas. SIT and SAT. Possibly relating to Father on the Banco. Has Astree already made note of that? Maybe the edges and borders he alludes to are regarding the outermost part of the poem.
9 hours ago,
RE: tailwaters
this is just an oddity here, thought I'd share just for fun
but I found ELY LEVIN spelled out just to the right of KEY (although his first name is actually spelled with an I)
8 hours ago,
RE: tailwaters
(08-09-2019, 09:48 PM)Chris Yates Wrote: remember when f had the poem without the "s" in "answers" on his website?

and i think he put that version on the tftw map

so i think i mentioned this before but it seems possibly too significant to not consider again

when you remove that s, it causes in the poem acrostic for "title" and "tailwaters" to appear and it's in the shape of a pointing arrow with "title" as the head of the arrow

over the years, i've come up with a lot of clues like this in the poem that i don't share, or not all of them anyway, and i always think about him mentioning finding the arrowhead. its likely an intended clue hiding technique (just imo)

anyway, what about "title" and "tailwaters"? is this really just a coincidence?

edit: on a sidenote, you can remove the "s" or you can leave the line unchanged and move it one square left, with the same result

Every line has an anagram. In this case, the correct anagram can be singular or plural while providing the same hint. IMO.

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