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"In the groove" (not for the impatient)
08-16-2019, 08:53 PM,
"In the groove" (not for the impatient)
This message won't be real short. For those with extra-short attention
spans, please don't worry about this; it takes a long attention span to
solve the poem anyway (so this message is really for serious searchers).

Also, this isn't largely about "lead searcher" stuff. Who cares about that? First one to the TC gets the reward, right?

My solve of the poem, after about 4 years of fine-tuning, has led me,
at least 5 times, upstream along the same creek. This creek feeds
"water high" and is near "heavy loads", which is largely made of rocks,
I believe (but might also be interpreted to mean tears of regret or guilt;
I think any of those viewpoints are supported).

On my most recent search trip I found what I call the "groove". By this,
I don't mean something ecstatic or emotional. It's visually a groove in
something, and appears to have been made by a person. It's just wide
enough for one person to enter at a time, and the size (capacity) is just
about right for one person plus the TC. In fact, the location of the
"groove" seemed to fit the poem's clues (as well as other hints/teases)
perfectly. I was surprised that the TC wasn't visible here. It seemed
to me like it belonged there, and may have actually been there until a
time shortly before my visit to the place.

So I'm thinking that there will soon be an announcement that the TC
has been found. But if this announcement doesn't happen before this
November, I'll plan another search trip, again upstream along this same
creek. And perhaps literally enter that "groove" to look around, in case
that is a prerequisite to finding the TC. But I'll also search another
nearby place or two, because the "groove" was lacking a (hypothetical?)
tall pine tree under which FF may have wanted to be at the end of his

Some of the nearby natural scenery seems able to be symbolic and/or
representative of things that may well be important to FF and other
folks in this chase. I have been wondering whether the correct BOTG
search hike is really necessary in order to see/appreciate these features, as google earth does a very nice job in showing them (but only in rather
recent views; about 2010, when the treasure hunt started, the views
were not as good).

Good luck to all searchers. Please plan for being safe while hiking.
08-17-2019, 05:22 PM,
RE: "In the groove" (not for the impatient)
Did you use "fuzzy logic" while trying to solve the poem?
08-25-2019, 03:20 PM,
RE: "In the groove" (not for the impatient)
Some songs come to mind:

Into the Groove

Feelin' Groovy

We've Got a Groovy Thing Goin'

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