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A wild weekend - not search related
08-27-2019, 05:37 AM,
A wild weekend - not search related
My daughter’s gallbladder went suddenly and violently south this weekend, making her so sick she vomited non-stop (every two minutes) for the entire night Saturday.

I stayed up with her, and when I realized it wasn’t a 24 hour bug, I took her to the ER. They replaced her fluids (2 liters) and gave her meds to stop the vomiting. Every blood vessel in her face was broken, giving her an extremely sunburned look. It made my heart so relieved and so happy to see her finally sleep as the meds took effect.

They did a CT scan and found a large ovarian cyst, so the dr said that could be causing the problem. Flu and strep were negative. In my mind, there were a couple of things I thought the dr should test for—gallbladder and pelvic inflammatory disease—but I decided to trust his “expertise.” He sent her home with oral medication and a referral to an OB-GYN.

I shouldn’t have held my tongue, because after a short nap at home, she woke up in full blown vomiting and pain mode, and couldn’t keep any of the oral medication down. It occurred to me then that the dr should have prescribed the fast-acting zofran that dissolves under the tongue.

The pain in her belly intensified, so at around 1:30 am (I can’t really remember, because I’d only slept about 15 minutes in that 24 hours), I took her back to the ER. A different, seemingly more knowledgeable dr saw her, and was a little more compassionate and less dismissive than the other one. He ordered an ultrasound of her gallbladder, and said it looked like that was causing the issue and this time, I asked for the dissolvable zofran and he said yes, definitely.

He added another liter or two, and gave us a referral to a general surgeon. He said we should go ASAP.

Back home we went, and I rushed to work, now 32 or so hours without sleep).

A half hour I got there, the nausea and pain (which had intensified) came back very suddenly and with a powerful punch. She called me, screaming in pain. I had my son drive her to an ER near our office that my coworkers suggested.

A half hour later, my son texted that the staff was treating her badly. I couldn’t get there for another 30 minutes. They thought she was “hospital jumping” to seek drugs, even though it’s obvious to anyone that she was very sick, violently heaving up vile every minute or so.

I typed out a response and told him to show the offending nurse. I was MAD.

He typed back that they dismissed him and wouldn’t read it. So he tried to read it and the nurse walked out of the room. He said they were treating her like she was faking, and told her to “stop the tears.”

I raced over there, found the nurse, and tried to stay calm, but I know my voice was shaking as I tried to restrain my anger.

I said, “I don’t appreciate at all the way you treated my daughter. She is NOT hospital jumping, she is NOT drug-seeking, she is OBVIOUSLY very ill, and she needs to be seen by the doctor NOW (at this point, my daughter had been there almost 2 hours, and hadn’t even seen the dr yet or been given any fluids or meds).

She tried to deny it, but I stopped her. I said, “Have you looked at her records from earlier this morning and yesterday? (This hospital was the main hospital of the branch we’d visited the last two times)”

She said she had. I said, “Didn’t you read the ultrasound report then? Where it said she had probably acute Cholecystitis?”

And the nurse stammered, “Well, it could be her gallbladder, I guess...”

That told me she hadn’t read the report.

She then again tried to deny she treated my daughter poorly due to her preconceived bias. I said, “I just want you to know that my son perceived poor treatment, and I KNOW bias happens in the ER all the time, so I believe him. And I’m telling you, that in this case, it is NOT hospital jumping, drug seeking, or faking. Read the previous record BEFORE you jump to an assumption, next time.”

Then I had to get back to work. When I left, the nurse had changed her attitude 180 degrees, and the doctor came right in.

My daughter is resting comfortably now, with the right medications to last until she gets in to the general surgeon.

The moral of this story is to take charge of your healthcare and if you perceive you’re being dismissed because of your age, gender, tattoos, or race, don’t be afraid to demand better treatment.

Medical professionals should treat EVERY patient as they would want to be treated in the same situation. Don’t accept anything less!

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