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The Wolf Returns - Part II
05-02-2014, 08:52 PM,
The Wolf Returns - Part II
lol Seeker - one thing I really like about you is that I can always count on you to make me laugh!
05-02-2014, 08:56 PM,
The Wolf Returns - Part II

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from mdavis19 on May 2, 2014, 7:30 pm</b>
<div class="bbcode_quote">
<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from The Wolf on May 2, 2014, 5:46 pm</b>

Mdavis - Thanks but don't worry I never got a word of this from you - in fact I don't ever remember you giving anything out at all. You are too cryptic! ;-)

Ok, that's good to know. Sometimes I look aback at my posts and am shocked at how much I shared. I've actually edited a few. Looking at your story it's like you were reading my mind and notes, up to a point. I'm not going to be too specific about where you diverged from my idea, other than to say that you had the wrong Brown, and to get where you were, you had to drive right past my best guess at the blaze. Since you didn't mention it, you must not have made the connection. It is a bit of tongue in cheek on Forrest's part if it is correct.


Mdavis- if your notes are similar to my story it is because I have a computer background, live to invent/make things and love astronomy. Where we differ is I fly for a living. I am happy my story "walked" right by your solution.

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