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Eldorados Gold
06-01-2014, 02:02 AM,
Eldorados Gold

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from deb on May 30, 2014, 7:41 am</b>

Listen to Forrest. Doesn't matter what searchers think, he leveled the playing field. In effect he gave many a great big old leg up. Lucky them to not have to waste more time on that idea. Smile

All that tells me Deb, and no offense, that youre a sucker for good story...!!! he's got a big leg up pissing on our parade...LOL

If he wanted to keep us from wasting time.....he would allow you to submit your solve for a big "no' or a "you did it!"

Instead he erased every solid lead that a solid majority had formed, in one comment through a second hand "message"??.....with one fatal swoop he ended the thrill for a couple dozen Ive found with the same starting point?......a man who was looking to keep this chase alive is not going to tell us we are wrong......he's going to know we are wrong, but to keep the chase going, he will also lead us away until we go see for ourselves....hint hint

he wants you to chase matter if you loose or win....thats what hes wanting you to be inspired by.....the neverending chase......the confusion, the drama, and the dedication to ignore the distraction and stay focused on the man's clues....not other people's special messages.......

we heard all these answers word of mouth from someone who opens a website to gather clues, and gathers info as an admin.....that gives them a huge leveraging point over other searchers here, and to be fed info by anyone here, shows that we are being suspended as tools for the dig.......or for some new tourist dollars for the Santa Fe community...!!!

when FF hasnt spoken to us all in a letter himself, this scenario can take the form of a "Mind Shift" to me, and can easily be set into motion to lure us away, as others can then pursue our original clues........maybe Im just too paranoid....maybe someone scared FF so bad that it was over and he let us in on another "clue" to keep the thrill alive

well unfortunately I am one who is able to pay attention to timing.....I have been here less than 2 weeks....and since me coming here, I have helped to bring good insight and altruistic analyses that have been as honest as the clues have been.

to be honest there's a reason he's now giving feedback and moving back into the chase, and not because I called him on his promise.

he hasnt let out a clue in how many months before??...

...and the first thing that happens to me when i get here is I get into older posts, calculate potential steps, eliminate tangents in the movements of the clues in the poem, and create a logical solve. Then I reference older historical records I know about because my father was a crazy anthropologist, and find a blaze kiln......then start chatting with members with a few baiting hints for Ol FF himself to bite on, to see if there was any responsive shifting in the chase, and/or any proximity to my clues in his comments, or especially additional clues he might leave after I called him out on his promise to keep on cluing us in through his TV appearance on the Today show, and being the first responses he's given in some time, it was "coincidentally" the exact outcome I was alluding to??? When I alluded to the treasure being in this location in proximity to a dam?? Following the reassurance and interpretations others had left as clues. In my hints, it was in a canyon past the dam in reference, but far from the path of the river up a dry creekbed. I knew he listened to the thrill and also was able to give a few dedicated guys some chances to meet him and chat with him directly......the advantage they earn is tenfold the value of chasing words and a get to hear him speak his pick up on his direct intent....

he doesnt talk to us all as a whole?......he just hints through a couple of "Pro Fenner's" LOLOL

1) who are the people here?: treasure hunters

2) who is relaying the message?: treasure hunters with more experience, giving second hand info to newer hunters, with even fewer clues


4) how is it that no one has been able to set a solve here.......and that now again we are being told we're on a playing field being leveled????

I actually got into this because i liked to look into the Money Pit, and then also Cryptos, and have partial solves for both....with deeper analytical interpretive meaning locked into those mysteries then the others, and have also gotten the attention of the owners of Oak Island for my work so we will see if it leads them to the goods, or I will go myself......

as i was roaming these youtube videos.....I found a FF hunter who had some info and followed his clues until they seemed to differ from FF's intentions....and it started to look hopeless at a certain point where the clues stopped fitting, but fit up to that point.

I tracked the clues back to where they diverted, and followed the best direction from the clues as I could follow, using another starting point someone had mentioned online as well, so there have been multiple people at this starting point.....having discovered a final destination that is different than ALL of theirs from that same point, and fitting even better with the blaze, a physical kiln.....he says its as easy as having google earth and the thats all i used......and it took me to a place that had some history and sure as hell looked like a place to hide a "hidden treasure" to me.....

what i am saying is that when a puppet master pulls the strings, the puppet moves........and Forrest moved out of nowhere.....and right when a man was claiming the "Title to the Gold"??? A man named El D'Orado?? When someone baits and the other takes the bait, the fisherman sets the hook......

IMO he was feeling the chase coming to an end........and threw me a major curve to keep all the ProFenners' wheels spinning.

Cmon Deb.....lets not just forget how level this plateau its located on really is, we all know he decided to wander into the desert......from a place that had names that reminded him of his childhood, he used the clues and pics to reinforce them along the way, but the verde river is not always spelled that way on english speaking maps.......hint hint....

so its not by a dam all of a sudden, and not associated with any structure.???? yeah right......he ditched the idea of a structure for the heat he got for inspiring break-ins and crap like that...

..but this time he replied about a question that had never been asked??? two days after, immediately after I openly said that he had promised that there would be a clue every so often and that it wasnt fair that he had waited this long to keep the hunt going...

the only reason he told us that quickly, about another clue was to send us all of to our dam end...cause one of us was close......

try finding a wandering retiree anywhere else but where his jeep can take him, say 1 mile from a parking area or roadway, near a place there have been people around before, and also a place that searchers have looked.......

Ive found more clues fitting this local and convenient scenario for his location other than the chance he just wandered into a random area and kept walking for miles....

so there is still a chance......and the searchers have clearly been close, or others have been its easy to access.
06-01-2014, 02:19 AM,
Eldorados Gold

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from Jason on May 31, 2014, 9:11 pm</b>

Just west of the Raton, NM golf course, there are a bunch of old coke ovens that are about a 1/4 mile long...... I think they are part of Ted Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch - so they are on private property........

You can also see the foundations of a bunch of buildings all around there, and there's a weird circular hole in the ground just to the west of the line of coke ovens.

Is this the place you're talking about Eldorado?


nope mine is somewhere further north......but lets say we stumbled on the oven/kiln thingy.....but it was in a different location....we would have to search for years each old place....

I knew that this was the place when two things rang true....the historical record had a few phrases that directly matched the saying in the poem, like it was almost transcribed out of it word for word.....about the heavy loads and waters high

in the document the phrases "Of special interest are the wooden posts, which are still in place between the kilns and the rise of land at the rear. The posts supported the no longer extant loading ramps, which were used to access the rear loading doors. The rounded arch loading door openings remain in good condition. The rear loading doors are still completely framed. The lower door openings on the front are also in good shape, with their lintels intact. At least two also have their steel frames still in place."

"The water is delivered to the smelting works through 4,500 feet of pipe line, at the rate of 100 gallons per minute. This water supply can be increased, but is ample to meet all present needs at the works."

this is written exactly like the poem is encrypted

and the claim and location was known to the old mining company owners as the "hidden treasure" area, years before FF would have been looks like he found the place for HIS hidden treasure....didnt he

06-01-2014, 07:35 AM,
Eldorados Gold

Those kilns are the Bromide Charcoal Kilns in Greystone, CO. 1898. Northwest Co. There are four in total that are in remarkable shape.

The Wolf
06-01-2014, 08:02 AM,
Eldorados Gold
Eldorado, you will never know by what I post if I am close. Smile

Two whole weeks and you already know more than people who have been on the search 3 to 4 years huh? Smile Come on out west and put those skills to the test. The more, the merrier!

Shhh they aren't listening.
06-01-2014, 01:01 PM,
Eldorados Gold
Jason the ovens that can be seen from Raton are part of an old ghost town named Gardiner. I had thought about that place before, of course, because of its name.
06-01-2014, 02:15 PM,
Eldorados Gold
@Deb....dont give two flying shits about someones advice when they wont collaborate with others....thanks you half the gold Deb will check it out once I post some more info.....bwahahahahahaha

Feel free to leave the discussion open for free thinking and intuition, and dont be so impulsive.......allow the two weeks I was here to be more of a refresher, and a reminder of how stubbornly resistant some are to open discussion, yet they have nothing to share......hmmmmmm??? nor any gold to hold in their hands.......

as I want to push the chase too, but have been on these hunts before as I have said, and this one is clearly not encrypted, but fabricated.....

there is a treasure IMO.....but the sequences used to interpret the movements have been clearly leading to this area.....

@ Deb if only here two weeks and he moves to "give another clue".....??? was i helping in asking for him to keep up on his part??

@ Deb again again......if you have to go out to an area to wander like an idiot, when he says the clues will lead you right to it, does that mean "you're on the trail of clues"........??? Or does that mean no one will ever know your stealthy approach to finding nothing as of yet.....? yes eventually some people will give up

@ The wolf......great to hear from you the first time, youre research is pretty lightning........

sorry to have to be defending my post......but it is Eldorado's Gold...pun intended

has anyone made this discovery here that you know of or checked them out??? Im not really that dedicated to going anywhere just yet, but if i were to muscle up (i have asbestosis) I would definitely do it tired........

gone alone in there.......a cowboy way of saying gone into the desert, right by Lone Mountain......the mine is just on the other side of the mountain, and the kilns as well.

the four mines owned by the company were called Bromide 1 and Bromide 2, "The Side Issue", and the "Hidden Treasure"

So where is the hidden treasure to be Found??? in a Found-ry...a blaze kiln

where there are loading docks and water was fed into them at high volumes......can you hear me now?

I am not going to argue my point simply "feeling" from analytical studies on a chalkboard, who has the most direct clue solves........

I challenge Deb and the rest of the crew openly to listing your clues and by one.....along side mine, as many who want to see this found have done so in effort freely, so have I offered a trade to Forrest on his blog if I was to find the treasure.....

something more meaningful to me in the clues, as he said, the true meaning, been wise and found the blaze, for which I feel I will "Earn" the Title to the Gold, by proving I am of the golden rule he's following.......

So when you see the blaze in the desert, and decide for yourself if you can be brave and go into the woody char of the fire, through the wood framed doors, youll find a tarry colored charcoal scant over a chest foretold to have ancient treasures in them........

and if they were once would walk right up to them, knowing the whole a stroll through the park.

you can read my offer to Forrest here.....its a great trade.

06-01-2014, 02:27 PM,
Eldorados Gold
The only flaw in your solution is that you have to many man made structures when clearly Forrest said not associated with any structure. Just saying Smile
06-01-2014, 05:40 PM,
Eldorados Gold

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from will197532 on June 1, 2014, 3:27 pm</b>

The only flaw in your solution is that you have to many man made structures when clearly Forrest said not associated with any structure. Just saying Smile

One he threw everyone who was close off the trail due to the impulsive reactions people make when seeing the word structure....

being an architect from Turner Assoc, ADC, and Ron Gregory Assoc......I recognized structure as being far more "complex" in its definition than that of a simple home of Brown

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:




noun: structure; plural noun: structures


the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.

"flint is extremely hard, like diamond, which has a similar structure"

synonyms: construction, form, formation, shape, composition, anatomy, makeup, constitution; More

organization, system, arrangement, design, framework, configuration, pattern

"the structure of local government"

a building or other object constructed from several parts.

synonyms: building, edifice, construction, erection, pile More

"a vast Gothic structure"

the quality of being organized.

"we shall use three headings to give some structure to the discussion"


verb: structure; 3rd person present: structures; past tense: structured; past participle: structured; gerund or present participle: structuring


construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to.

"the game is structured so that there are five ways to win"

synonyms: arrange, organize, design, shape, construct, build, put together More
06-01-2014, 05:47 PM,
Eldorados Gold
So when he sees you are right near his structure online, and then out of nowhere he says to all....after months of nothing of a hint......

BTW.... now its not "associated" with any structure........he's in reference to his clues as being a construct of clues in a sequence, being somewhat of a round of sorts, but clearly not EXACTLY a step by the final clues do deviate some from any final location into a reasoning and closing statement to encourage the chase, by reconfirming the original clues....

your comments about not being a "structure" and the poem, and its creator being an architect who wrote the poem, would make it highly unlikely that he could be tricking us....or is this just too good to be true that you guys have spent years overlooking this site......

the coyote.....the cunning trickster..... Forrest Fenn

06-01-2014, 05:51 PM,
Eldorados Gold
Forrest said NOT ASSOCIATED with any structure, but if you feel that is a best solution for you I say good luck cause so far I haven't found the chest either.

as·so·ci·ate (ə-sō′shē-āt′, -sē-)

v. as·so·ci·at·ed, as·so·ci·at·ing, as·so·ci·ates

1. To join as a partner, ally, or friend.

2. To connect or join together; combine.

3. To connect in the mind or imagination: "I always somehow associate Chatterton with autumn" (John Keats).


1. To join in or form a league, union, or association. See Synonyms at join.

2. To spend time socially; keep company: associates with her coworkers on weekends.

n. (-ĭt, -āt′)

1. A person united with another or others in an act, enterprise, or business; a partner or colleague.

2. A companion; a comrade.

3. One that habitually accompanies or is associated with another; an attendant circumstance.

4. A member of an institution or society who is granted only partial status or privileges.

5. often Associate An associate's degree.

adj. (-ĭt, -āt′)

1. Joined with another or others and having equal or nearly equal status: an associate editor.

2. Having partial status or privileges: an associate member of the club.

3. Following or accompanying; concomitant.


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