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Scrapbook 228
11-07-2019, 04:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-07-2019, 04:55 PM by Beavertooth.)
Scrapbook 228

Dal says "That's it folks!"

Hopefully he just means that this is the last of the group Forrest had previously given him to post.
11-07-2019, 05:28 PM,
RE: Scrapbook 228
One day when we were in a pensive mood, she told me about her divorce

she being, tin(k)a

i'm not sure if i can see the russian connection in this SB like f is claiming

maybe on a really clear day Smile

(note the use of a certain word three times. one sentence in particular bringing attention to it)
11-07-2019, 06:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-07-2019, 06:44 PM by khan.)
RE: Scrapbook 228
what is eya for 500k alex. F should break through xmas, not even look at a computer. But hold on, why does he?
11-07-2019, 07:45 PM,
RE: Scrapbook 228

separate or dissociate (something) from something else.
"we knew how to divorce an issue from an individual"

Separate from what?
just saying ss
11-08-2019, 11:36 AM,
RE: Scrapbook 228
(11-08-2019, 12:54 AM)GoldenFrog Wrote: Forrest loved that painting, just as he did the hat; among many other things... But, one of his favorites...

I share this love with him... My favorite eras are Art Deco, and Victorian... I would love to show him my home...


make a video tour, i wanna see it.
11-08-2019, 11:41 AM,
RE: Scrapbook 228
"Tinka was very Russian." Rush Inn.
11-08-2019, 11:54 AM,
RE: Scrapbook 228
Fenn may be losing his hewaring and his vision a bit. But thats all he's losin. His mind is as sharp as a tack. Knoledge is something.

Imagination is better.
11-08-2019, 01:36 PM,
RE: Scrapbook 228
(11-08-2019, 11:46 AM)NTMI Wrote: Should the misspelling of "trastero" be overlooked, or looked over?

Yes, IMO.

There is a "trustero" word for a large armoir-styled cabinet. So his spelling looks correct to me.
11-10-2019, 03:48 PM,
RE: Scrapbook 228
(11-08-2019, 11:41 AM)5GIRLS Wrote: "Tinka was very Russian." Rush Inn.

Forrest showed a detailed closeup of Tinkabelle's left eye. Tinka's daughter was named Eya. Tinka was from Russia.

In my search area is an eye image centered on the left of a # symbol made from growing cattails or bullrushes. The bullrushes are inside a bell-shaped image.

Russia = bullrushes
Eye = eye image
Tinkabelle = bell image
11-10-2019, 04:35 PM,
RE: Scrapbook 228
An owl has two eyes; eye A and eye B.
just saying ss

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