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11-07-2019, 07:49 PM,
FF Stated that if we do not start with the first clue and work throgh them systematically we won't find the treasure.
Well I Beg To Differ . . .
After reading through the piem several times and fig them out with the accrption of one or two having multiple solves . . . I managed to paint a pretty good pic of the TC Location.
Then I decided to watch a video or two and took notes only to find tgat these notes match alot of the clues in the poem and solving a couple that did not.
One specific video was on his Website that gave me the biggest clue/s.
With a bit of research I gound this location mentioned on this video that also reveaked two ir three ither vlue solves as well.

As for FF knowing if the TC has been found or not . . . I fig that out to !

He's probably got it all under remote Internet Monitoring and piwered bt Solar Generated Power . . . We got the same system here at home for when we are on holiday we can see whos at the door at anytime day or night accessing it via the internet & Mobile Phone. This wouls explain the "Hard To See Wires".

So . . . Im sure I know where the treasure is but as I live in Australia it is impossible for me to go BOTG to collect it.

I have no TC HUNT CLUE BOOKS. I have NOT left home abd I joined the chase just a little over a month ago and nabaged to get this far with only my mobile phone the Internet and Google Earth to help me.

Having said that I have tried to offer my solves to other searchers but they have declined as to say that my solves are incorrect because I did not follow the Poem as directed and certain can not be researched such as I have done.

Im Proud to have the Intel to be able to TOTS to solve some issues in a short period if time.

I guess that the proif will be in the pudding when the TC is finally found and I say . . .
"See I Told You So"

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11-08-2019, 03:25 AM,
Phone service is available at various points in remote areas. I guess it might be possible as there are 4 solar installations in my area. These are all 200W installations so it might be possible to power a phone based monitored system. I know for sure that in my area video content is not available via internet phone service. You can send only chopped pictures via phone.
I did not look for hidden wires; it might be worth looking at as it is only about 2500' to the closest unit. Interesting. I would like to hear what state you consider the TC is located in...
just saying ss

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