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Another article about the rescued searcher in Yellowstone
01-25-2020, 05:57 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-25-2020, 05:57 PM by brubr.)
Another article about the rescued searcher in Yellowstone
This appeared on THOR.,23512

And the following is from me:

To the author of this article and to Mr Christensen:

I'm sorry you feel like searchers "beat you up pretty bad". As a hiker, climber, searcher, and frequent visitor to the national parks, here are my issues with your adventure:

1) You lied to the Park Service about the purpose of your snowmobile trip. Lying - for any reason - is NOT ok. Especially not to the Park Service who are really just trying to keep you and the rest of us safe.

2) You endangered SAR personnel. Behavior that risks the lives of other people is NOT ok. Ever. And every time you go into the wilderness, you MUST factor in the possibility that you might need rescue. Not doing so is reckless and selfish.

3) You gave searchers - all of us - an even worse reputation than we already have. Ummm...thanks.

4) I say this as a rappelled with a too-short rope, you lost your pack, and you LEFT the rope to retrieve the pack? WTF??!

You made some very unfortunate choices for yourself, your family, and for the rest of us. I am not surprised that comments got heated. In the end, I really hope the justice system goes easy on you.
01-25-2020, 06:08 PM,
RE: Another article about the rescued searcher in Yellowstone
As I said before. Yep it's down there. Fenn just had a longer rope. N he climbed up and down twice that afternoon, when he was 80. Then he laughed all the way back to his car. "Forrest Fenn! Did you really just do that??"
01-25-2020, 06:50 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-25-2020, 06:51 PM by Chris Yates.)
RE: Another article about the rescued searcher in Yellowstone
i think the moral of the story is, if you

don't have the proper length of, rope

your search plans will soon unravel

and you won't even get to where you need to travel

next comes the sound of the gavel (and a stiff fine)

f said that an average person can find the treasure

i think this suggests, nothing too extreme is needed

he also said no one will stumble on it

i think this means you'll have a harder time finding the treasure

if people call you butterfoot cuz you slip on rocks alot when walking
01-31-2020, 08:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-31-2020, 08:06 PM by Chris Yates.)
RE: Another article about the rescued searcher in Yellowstone
(01-31-2020, 08:00 PM)wildfuntear Wrote: Thank you for bringing this to our attention, brubr. The more time that
folks spend in re-posting or reading articles like this, the less time they will have to solve the poem and find the TC. This means less competition for folks like me that choose not to spend a lot of time giving attention to silly scandals. By the way, most scandals are silly, in my opinion.

i think its important in times like these to buy yourself a pearl necklace

or some facsimile of, which can be found at the local thrift store

to clutch as needed

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