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"The Immortality Hustle" may be more common than you think.
01-26-2020, 06:44 PM,
"The Immortality Hustle" may be more common than you think.
It may be that we are all hard-wired with the instinct/drive to reproduce, thus achieving some sort of "immortality" (at least genetically).

Our actions produce results/changes in the universe. One might also
argue that this can achieve for someone some sort of "immortality".

Of course, only recognition/acknowledgement of this validates the
"immortality" of an individual. A loose flake of dandruff from the head
of Elvis Presley may have fed a mite somewhere. But that's not the
kind of "immortality" that fans of Presley have bestowed upon him.

We all want recognition/acknowledgement of our actions, and more
importantly, we want praise for them. It may be one of the greatest
motivators there is for people. Fenn wrote (to a degree), about this in

I don't think it's necessarily bad to seek praise, or even (perhaps a limited bit of) "immortality". But it should be for actions that are ethical. Yes, that's highly subjective. Maybe "generally beneficial" would apply. Yep, again, I've mentioned something that is highly subjective.

The above is all part of my opinion. Good luck in the treasure hunt.

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