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02-09-2020, 05:46 PM,
Some of the photos at the top of the website pages on HOD are familiar
to me. For example, there are photos of 2 lakes that I have identified.

Those 2 photos are not the only ones I see as hints.

But there is also a photo of a covered bridge that I haven't yet identified.
I wonder if it is a hint. While crossing that bridge, one would be in a sort
of "tunnel", would one not? And I also remember the SB about Eric Sloane's "palette" board with a painting of a covered bridge on it.

Since FF mentioned "tight focus", I am wondering whether a serious
searcher should be either imagining or actually looking through binoculars or a telescope -- or maybe some other kind of "tunnel(s)" -- in order to see the location of the treasure.
02-09-2020, 07:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-09-2020, 07:56 PM by 5GIRLS.)
RE: Tunnel?
We don't need the use of binoculars in our solve, tho we could use them, after all, it is 2020. The beautiful photography you speak of, I believe, is the work done in the travels of Dal N. No tunnels used either. And we are Very serious.
02-09-2020, 08:10 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-09-2020, 08:11 PM by Beavertooth.)
RE: Tunnel?
I would not think any of the pictures at HOD (top of pages, etc) have any hints. I don't think they were supplied by Forrest. I would recommend the pictures in TTOTC if you're looking for "visual" hints.

I would recommend binoculars when you are out on a search -- for many reasons, including some chase-related.

The jury is out on the telescope thing. There is a Scrapbook (#151, I think) where Forrest seems dismissive of searchers focusing on that possibility. You should look it up (there is an index there provided by another searcher). Read it, and then make up your own mind. Make sure you also see Forrest's comment mixed in with searcher comments (fairly soon after the comments start).

Many searchers have been intrigued about the possibility that you need to look through a natural archway or "hole" in a mountain, hill, or outcropping to see what is pinpointed by doing that. Or looking at the sunlit area provided by such a hole, if the sun is on the far side of it. Sort of a "keyhole" effect, if you will. I haven't found that in the poem, but you may see something I missed.
02-10-2020, 01:24 AM,
RE: Tunnel?
Well,I know for sure you need that flashlight and sandwich, cause F said you should have it.
02-10-2020, 06:06 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-10-2020, 06:08 AM by travis.gore.79.)
Not sure if this means anything. I have always thought this looks like you are in a cave looking out. Interesting how the top is cropped. [Image: b1bfc044f3a2a25078ad90fb24d99007.jpg]

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Here is another [Image: 0e8555b75b96f699a3451f45daa750b2.jpg]

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02-10-2020, 12:43 PM,
RE: Tunnel?
I'm not convinced that there's much of a connection between a good solve and a tunnel that you could
drive, ride, walk, or look through.

You might want to investigate a possible "bridge" connection, though. And please remember that a
dictionary is a good friend to have.
02-10-2020, 06:03 PM,
RE: Tunnel?
there's a lot to unpack here
02-11-2020, 01:57 AM,
RE: Tunnel?
(02-10-2020, 06:03 PM)Chris Yates Wrote: there's a lot to unpack here

Good one.
02-11-2020, 07:07 PM,
The moon is the cave, and there is a wall of fire around you. There is no way out, unless you back-up your way in.
02-11-2020, 07:50 PM,
RE: Tunnel?
(02-11-2020, 07:07 PM)8bit katsina Wrote: The moon is the cave, and there is a wall of fire around you. There is no way out, unless you back-up your way in.

That's profound....would that lead back to the treasure that I passed midway through?

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