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What did FF mean by "right straight to it"?
02-14-2020, 12:23 AM,
What did FF mean by "right straight to it"?
If he said he "could go right straight to it", does this mean that a
reasonable hiking path would be a straight line (for all practical purposes),
without favoring an easier path that might wind (such as an animal trail)?

My best-supported location for the hidey space is most easily reached by
hiking along a route that is definitely not very straight. I defer to the
local animals, and tend to follow their paths/trails.

But I am considering some other possible locations to search, in addition
to my best-supported location. At least one other possible location does
not require much of a winding path.

I encourage comments about any of this. Thank you in advance.
02-14-2020, 12:42 AM,
What did FF mean by "right straight to it"?
He also said the poem is straight forward. We definitely consider this a strong hint about the way the clues are followed.

02-14-2020, 02:46 AM,
What did FF mean by "right straight to it"?
If he told you the home of Brown, then you could go right straight to it.

Do you think the blaze is within eyeshot, or do you think the chest is within eyeshot? I have been led to believe the blaze is the only thing between you and the gold from the home of Brown.
02-14-2020, 08:27 AM,
What did FF mean by "right straight to it"?
I think it is interesting he used the word “right”.

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02-14-2020, 09:09 AM,
RE: What did FF mean by "right straight to it"?
i drove to blackwater creek after seeing the big stop sign with the fire blazes, and went right str8 to the ravine near the creek where the chest wasn't. This one thing was the thing, the key, the shortcut,lol. I went in spring too with a whistle, i knew that day could be my last, but it was worth the money. I thought f may have started that fire like why implied, and f was giving back. This is one of those lines, it's a string, it takes alot of strings before you see the post man. Then go, being bear food and repelling is greedy nonsense.

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