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On another Note
03-24-2020, 06:04 PM,
On another Note
Here's some more stuff I can get off my chest. I so appreciate this site for allowing me to do this here.
You have placed a problem on the majority of people who pay for this country, the middle class. You did this by: 1)Allowing imports which could be grown, manufactured, built right here. 2)You signed into law, NAFTA, when every Union in this country was begging you not to, telling you it would cost too many jobs.
Well, who is going to get us more jobs? Who ranted on this one question more than any other during the 2016 campaign?
The Democrats AND Republicans in Washington should heed what they should have all learned by allowing Donald Trump to win the White House in 2016.
Now another important thing to remember about this problem is: 1)Why are the super rich in our country not having to pitch in like the middle class does? Who appointed these Supreme Court Justices? WTF Why aren't they elected!?! They make ALL these friggin laws that WE have to live under. BULLSHIT!
Tell you what, this American is sick of the BULLSHIT!
This is NOT Justice For All. Not IMO, of course. Supreme Court Justice seats should be of very close respect as that of the President, and voted on as that of a President.
So, on another note. Foreign Policy. If you don't believe that ALL men and ALL women are created equal, shame on you. The Allies the United States has are very important. Helping countries with like respects to equality as ours, are usually our friends,our Allies, Shouldn't we try to keep them, and put the pressure on those countries that don't? Countries which are treating women like criminals or killing them if they anger their husband. If we treated a dog like that in this country we would get time. Isn't it time the world should just try to get along?Justice for all, all created equal...
Then the last one for now- probably the most important: Environment. What can I say?
03-24-2020, 06:47 PM,
RE: On another Note
(03-24-2020, 06:04 PM)5GIRLS Wrote: Who appointed these Supreme Court Justices? WTF Why aren't they elected!?! They make ALL these friggin laws that WE have to live under. BULLSHIT!
Tell you what, this American is sick of the BULLSHIT!

Ummm...did you study American government in school? CONGRESS makes the laws that we friggin live under, NOT the Supreme Court. And like it or not, those guys and gals are elected to their offices. And while we're on the subject, without the Supreme Court, we never would have gotten Brown vs Board of Education and desegregation. Or Roe v Wade.

And I quite agree. THIS American is sick of the bullshit where elite Democrats like Hillary Clinton can commit felonies and be absolved by a corrupt FBI. And we know its a felony because Reality Winner did exactly the same thing over at the NSA and she is serving 5 years in prison. Where Bill Clinton is credibly accused of rape and it is NEVER even investigated. Where serial sexual abusers like Harvey Weinstein and Epstein can go on committing their outrageous crimes against women, but its all ok as long as they raise tons of money for the Dims. Where people with no legal right to be in this country are registered to vote (in NY and CA, for example) and cannot be challenged - EVER - at the polls. Where National Guard troops are pulled from the border at the same time ranchers living along the border were BEGGING for help (NM), just so our new governor could prove her worth to the national party. Where a middle class nobody like Harry Reid can go to Congress and leave decades later a multi-millionaire because of "smart investing". Yeah, right. Its called INSIDER TRADING and its illegal for the rest of us, but not for elite Dims, apparently. Oh yeah, and his son has a contracting company doing millions worth of biz with the feds and NO ONE at all cries "conflict of interest". And I wont even bring up Benghazi where the Sec of State LIED to the American people about the real reason our embassy was attacked. Where the same Sec of State set up a private email server to hide her pay for play activities - selling her office to the highest foreign bidder. Where the same woman destroyed evidence that had been subpoenaed and NO ONE calls her on it.

In 2016, after the FBI gave that corrupt woman a pass, Donald Trump said, "The system is rigged." Truer words were never spoken. And THIS American is sick of it.
03-24-2020, 08:06 PM,
RE: On another Note
Yippee, Brubr!! was wonderin if anyone would know that!! I finally got to read yur answer, and you are right! The House and Senate do the voting on changes. The point is to be in the know when voting for these officials!! I got more, but been busy. Stay safe, and I wonder what kind of psych meds Trump takes. He should not get off them.

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