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The decryption
04-18-2020, 03:28 AM,
The decryption
[Image: a87309f3873ceb75203c7321c37e77bf.jpg]

This is the entire decryption.

This shows why Fenn used particular answers. Some answers look abstract as stand-alone phrases but not when the underlying directions are shown. Many of those directions are in phonetics and text-speak-it would have been very hard to convert perfect English to perfect English.

For example, the answer ‘arrowhead for giant mammoth’ converts to a line of directions that appears to say: ‘mirror, aim south and then look’.

There are many alternative ways to read the whole set of directions. Below is a likely interpretation:

‘Go west. In a short hour you see a big lake, cross it, run south plus spider
west. From the videos you get the exact road you will try. Mirror this road. Aim south and look heading west for a grey ‘F’ sign.

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04-19-2020, 02:52 AM,
RE: The decryption
A number of Searchers probably suggested the answer to the first clue, Rattlesnake Springs, the answer to 'where warm waters halt'. i.e where Victorio (the chief of the Warm Springs band of the Apache) and his men were halted. This tribe were called 'Warm Springs' because they regarded the area around the 'Ojo Caliente' to be their ancestral homeland.

The key is to realise that 'Rattlesnake Springs' together with the other answers to clues in the poem convert to a list of directions.
04-19-2020, 10:02 AM,
RE: The decryption
Yes, there are a few clues in TTOTC that help with the solution. One of the main ones is the 'grooves in hands looking like deep canyons' line. This is a hint for the 'Antelope Canyon' answer. This is a slot canyon and is subject to flash floods. It has boulders suspended along its' length. This is the answer to the clue 'no paddle up your creek just heavy loads and water high'. i.e you couldn't ever paddle up Antelope Canyon.

The answer converts to the line: 'X He, run S pluz'
04-22-2020, 04:23 AM,
RE: The decryption
Should have explained more answers.

e.g. 'Little Snake Valley' is the home of Brown. Notice that the first two answers have a similar structure at the start, to convert to the same words needed for the directions.

The boy who played 'Buster Brown' in later life set up his homestead in the 'Little Snake Valley'.
04-22-2020, 09:25 AM,
RE: The decryption
Yes the locations are irrelevant. It's the words that are used. But, the first two answers (which are both place names) are far apart so the 'too far to walk' phrase applies. The line from the poem 'Put in below the home of Brown' meant put the line of that answer below the line of the answer for the first clue 'where warm waters halt'.

Some seemingly abstract answers like 'Rooster Cogburn' have been used by Fenn as similarly they provided the right letters; and all were subjects of interest to him.

The clues and answers that generate the directions lead on contiguously - one from another.

Also, Fenn put the name of a type of animal in each answer. So the answers are linked by this pattern. However, this was merely a disguise (a red-herring). Fenn created a few curve balls like that, in my view to try to delay the finding of the right solution:

As in the example above, making the first 2 answers place names which may have suggested to some who had first solved those two clues that all the remaining answers to clues also were place names.
04-23-2020, 05:07 PM,
RE: The decryption
Rooster Cogburn was the answer to the clue 'so hear me all and listen good' ('now listen up and listen good').
04-24-2020, 04:59 PM,
RE: The decryption
@White Knight
"Rooster Cogburn was the answer to the clue 'so hear me all and listen good' ('now listen up and listen good')."
IMO 'Photoplay' is the answer to total interpretation.
just saying ss
04-24-2020, 05:42 PM,
RE: The decryption
Not sure what that means.

All the answers to clues are things of interest to Fenn. So he used: Native American chiefs, Comic book characters, Fictional Wild West characters, geographical locations in the West, characters from illustrated books, Clovis culture, old movie stars.

Fenn used the words in those answers to create the required directions. What the answers themselves are is irrelevant, apart from each being both a subject of interest to Fenn and able to provide the words he wanted to use in his list of directions.
04-25-2020, 04:42 AM,
RE: The decryption
The hints plastered all over the Scrapbooks of pictures of roosters, published emails from a searcher who had a pet rooster called 'John Wayne', references to 'coburn', 'marion' etc all were intended to be hints for the answer 'Rooster Cogburn'.

Apart from the Scrapbooks there were several other hints e.g. in Fenn's book collecting video he highlighted a book by a ‘Coburn’ illustrated by a 'Marion' with a cartoon drawn inside the front cover regarding another ‘Marion’.

Look at the decryption and you'll understand why Fenn used the words: 'Rooster Cogburn'.
04-25-2020, 09:39 AM,
RE: The decryption
@White Knight - All those so-called references to John Wayne & Rooster Cogburn help you locate the treasure ... how?

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