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My Colorado solve
06-08-2020, 01:37 AM,
My Colorado solve
Start with 8 periods, 1 question mark and either 601 or 602 letters. Zip codes 81601 and 81602 are Glenwood Springs, CO

Warm waters halt - a defining characteristic of a guyote vs an atoll is that it has passed below the level of warm water into deep water. Go to Mt Guyote, CO on Google maps, right click and select measure distance.
In the liner notes of the David Arkenstone CD for the song Too Far To Walk is a reference to going to the Oasis.
Pb in put in below the home of Brown lead me to lead, but put in below that is man made element 114 on the periodic table. Next point is here, mile marker 114 on I70 in Glenwood Springs, if you slide back down the line a bit you will find it goes right past the outlet into the Colorado River for Oasis Creek.
A warhorse is said to be meek because it follows the commands of the rider no matter what is going on around them. Next point is to the south west of mm114, Horse Mountain.
For the end I have Hanging Lake, definitely indicates someone's end. Going back through exit 114 from Horse Mountain gets you to Hanging lake, but I continued that line further out as my search area converged on it later.
The next point I mark is the Blaze which I had as Sunlight peak southwest of Glenwood Springs. On this line you go over Dry Creek and the Shoshone power plant, heavy loads and waters high.
Since you have been wise and found the blaze you will find this line goes right over Lookout mountain just east of Glenwood Springs.
I am not as sure, but I think quest of 2 Cc's could be Bellyache Ridge (if you have a bellyache take a cc pill, calcium carbonate)

My Tarry Scant with Marvel Gaze led me to this page. Foss penned the poem bring me men which was emblazoned on the Air Force Academy and in IK Marvel's reverie he selects the name Peggy for his wife. domes marvel&f=false

The page number was the extension for Chris Brown at the Colorado GIS. One of his main duties was regulating wells. Near Glenwood Springs I found 3 wells registered to Buster Brown that seemed suspiciously placed.
From here I was not able to find good references for everything though I did have twin peaks for the chest, assignation ridge for give title to, w mountain for weak blowout hill for tired, Yarmony mountain for trove and san toy (they only make wooden toys) mt for in the wood. Ultimately there was a drawing that looked like the logo for the avengers (you know, a big Capitol A) with the arrow point on the line from horse mountain through hanging lake and also matched with a line from dice hill back to twin peaks (take the chest and leave my bones). The point itself was actually closer to Eagle Colorado which I found interesting with all the Eagle coins in the chest.

Good luck to the finder on being able to keep it.

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