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jump starting the learning curve
07-14-2014, 03:44 PM,
jump starting the learning curve
Don't forget about Page 47 of TTOTC.

hulk of a dirty name. (The Hulk)

Comics (funnies) are either good clue references ar he is messing with us big time!
07-14-2014, 06:46 PM,
jump starting the learning curve
I vote for messing.

03-24-2015, 12:33 AM,
jump starting the learning curve
Anyone - I see clues everywhere. For example - On page 25 line 7 ... "He remembered when find a substitute, and the telephone ... end of the house. " Is FF telling us that he hid a "substitute" chest before the real one to make sure his plan would work? The Fenn house wasn't THAT big for the phone to be so far away.

Then the next sentence - "He really hated ... were hot on his plate." Does that refer to FF's impatience to get on with his plan of actually hiding the real chest instead of the substitute one? Would that account for the discrepancy between the 1988 + 15 years & the later hiding of the real treasure?
01-26-2017, 02:41 AM,
RE: jump starting the learning curve
I am laughing because I just now connected the concept "jump start" with "old bat" (battery). I think reading Fenn takes some practice. At least for me, anyway.

Hinting at artillery battery? Or Batman comics? There also seems to be a lot of baseball references.
01-26-2017, 03:49 AM,
RE: jump starting the learning curve
Here's some baseball hints I see in that chapter:

* starting
* curve (curve ball)
* cannon ball
* ahead for now (score)
* old bat
* window pane break
* lean into
* slowed to a stop
* substitute
* plate
* down and away (pitch)
* sliding
01-09-2020, 08:46 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-09-2020, 09:22 AM by travis.gore.79.)
jump starting the learning curve
I do not see Thor as a comic book connection. I see Thor literally

Thor carries a mountain crushing hammer.

What else can crush mountains?

There is a poem about the death of Thor. After defeating the giant serpent Thor was only able to take 9 steps before he died.

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01-09-2020, 01:51 PM,
jump starting the learning curve
(01-09-2020, 09:15 AM)crazyfamily Wrote: Absolutely. Mythology.

But let’s not get carried away. If TTOTC book is enough to lead the average searcher to the treasure, then depending too heavily on outside sources, especially a deep cut of mythological poetry, is sure to lead off course.

I think of these things purely as references in the story. I mean, does Forrest really go from First Grade to a post graduate course in Greek mythology in one chapter? Not likely. It’s just a glancing reference, IMO.


Well then I am no worry to you than. My spot is no good. Carry on!

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