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06-12-2014, 10:08 PM,
Hi folks.

I thought I’d submit another text-mined idea for fun of which I have not yet seen posted in this particular interpretation, although lots of people like the area. I visited this spot over Easter, tweeted about it @mikebibler. Hopefully this will inspire new thought.

Tibia, a bone in one’s calf (Bessie), has a Spanish meaning when paired with the word “agua”. “Agua tibia” translates to “warm water” in English.

If one then begins it where warm waters halt using references of anatomy, one may go to the end of a tibia and find oneself at “The Knees” in the Sleeping Ute of Colorado, or at the spot I like very much, a lovely roadside pullout in YNP near West Entrance with a sign titled “TALUS” (44.64666, -110.93089). Talus is the Latin word for anklebone, but also has another meaning in geological terminology as “a sloping mass of rock fragments at the foot of a cliff.” This spot, by the way, is within the realm of Nine Mile Hole, which 9 miles is apparently too far to walk. Nine Mile Hole is also rumored to be a top-secret flywater location for Mr. Fenn, and TTOTC page 122 has a couple of photos of his father in the area, one specifically next to a large boulder at Nine Mile Hole. And someone here has mentioned talus as a potential clue for heavy loads.

It would seem to me an amateur archaeologist and a YNP Nine Mile Hole fly fisherman might put these two together pretty quickly and feel rather clever.

Good luck.



06-12-2014, 10:30 PM,
Apologies, one more thought I forgot to include because I'm tired... below the home of Brown could be Brown trout, or it could suggest to go to the anklebone by alluding to a book clue of Bessie the fawn-colored "calf".

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