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Lost Creek Falls
06-21-2014, 09:28 PM,
Lost Creek Falls
The treasure chest is at Lost Creek Falls.

#1 Overall clue that helps us narrow down the region where the chest is: He put the chest in a place that is very special to him. This has to be an educated guess as there is no way to figure this out. He wouldn’t have published the special place in a book as that would be way too obvious. He did say however there are subtle clues in the book. I believe the subtle clue is that the treasure is in Yellowstone. As a boy who grew up near a creek in the woods I can assure you there will never be a more special place to me than those woods and the creek that ran through them. Forrest tells us in the book that he visited Yellowstone with his family every summer for several years. Doesn’t get any more special than that. Also, Yellowstone makes sense as it is THE family nature park in the United States. And his whole point was to get families outdoors. And of course it would then have to be on public land which Yellowstone is. So Yellowstone it is.

On to breaking down the poem:

The best way for you to see how perfectly this solve works is for you to pull up and follow along. do a search for: “soda butte canyon, yellowstone”. See that white blob just north of the words “soda butte canyon” on the map, right next to the NE Entrance Road? That’s Soda Butte itself.

Okay now:

“And with my treasures bold” He walked right past a lodge and through a parking lot full of people.

“And hint of riches new and old” the man that had the first lodge there, before roosevelt lodge was built over it, Yancey, was rumored to have buried treasure around the roosevelt lodge area just before his death. that’s the old treasure. the new of course is forrest’s.

“Begin it where warm waters halt” – Soda Butte – An old geyser halted and turned into this geological formation:

“And take it in the canyon down” take the Lamar River (right next to soda butte down through Soda Butte Canyon and then through Lamar Canyon until you get to the Yellowstone River.

“Not far, but too far to walk,” It’s 15.7 miles down to where the Lamar River reaches the Yellowstone River which is where he wants you to turn off.

“Put in below the home of Brown.” The Yellowstone River, noted for having brown trout. Roosevelt Lodge is south of the river. It’s also just south of where the NE Entrance road dead ends. Zoom in on your map there and you should see Lost Creek Falls.

“From there it’s no place for the meek” a lot of bear sightings on that trail

“There’ll be no paddle up your creek” You walk right next to Lost Creek the whole time and you are walking up creek

“Just heavy loads and water high.” Lost Creek Waterfall

“If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,

Look quickly down, your quest to cease,” The blaze is an “x” just above eye level, the chest is somewhere below it. It would have to either be tucked into a crevice in the wall behind the fall or underneath the pool of water at the bottom. i would strongly think it is in the wall, probably partially obscured. The “X” as a blaze works perfectly, too. It’s a classic. Also, I noticed in one of his today show appearances he seemed to force a phrase out of his mouth that sounded strange,”what, do you want me to tell you where the “x” is that marks the spot?”

“Your effort will be worth the cold.” You have to get wet with cold water to retrieve the chest.

Also, so you know, Roosevelt Lodge is at 6300 feet. You probably climb another 500 or so to get to Lost Creek Falls.

Anyway, that’s my solve. I went there and found the “x”. Note, that you have to cross the creek and get to the right hand side of the bank and stand close to see it as it is behind the waterfall on the right hand side. Also, directly above the “x” at the top of the falls is a tree that has a blue ribbon tied around it. I tried and tried to get to the chest but at the time I was there (last weekend) the snow melt was still on and the waterfall was pouring too heavily. I had rain gear on and it took my breath away as it pounded my back. By the looks of the internet site that shows the discharge of the lamar river at tower roosevelt, it will be down low enough to retrieve this upcoming weekend, if it’s not already. I am posting my solution in hopes the finder throws me a gold coin or two. I am a very poor man with a family who could use it. I was only able to make the trip through the generous giving of an anonymous user on Dal's forum and will not be able to afford a trip back in the forseeable future. Lucky if I can make rent let alone do that. Don't think that it doesn't kill me that I was mere inches away and had to leave empty handed. But what are you gonna do.

Also, the “it’s what they whisper” was a person on this website who also figured out it was soda butte. Once I had that solve I searched the forum to see if I was the only one and the person talked about it in a thread that no one paid any attention to. They just kept right on talking over him/her. This same person mistakenly took the solve to Tower Falls and he/she is the person who Forrest referred to when he said that someone had the right WWWH but he went too far. You can still search the site for “soda butte” and it will pop up with the correct thread where it matches 100% but the actual comment has been deleted by the poster in the last few days. And no I don't remember the name of the person who said it. Though I do remember it was back in March of this year.

Also, also, when you walk the trail and get to Lost Creek Falls you are 500 feet or less from the falls as Forrest said people have been.

Good luck and be careful. And remember if you find it there, it may be wise to keep the fact you found it at yellowstone a secret. with any questions. Also, bring Bear Mace and make your presence known vocally. It’s a short trail but bear are known to visit the trail from time to time.

Good luck!

Bill Oberg
06-21-2014, 10:44 PM,
Lost Creek Falls


I hope it is there for you and good luck
08-19-2016, 11:26 AM,
RE: Lost Creek Falls
(06-21-2014, 10:44 PM)Tim Nobody Wrote: @thesolve


I hope it is there for you and good luck

To any Newbies, this is definitely a beautiful spot but it's been well searched. Still, feel free to visit for a picnic. There are definitely worse places to spend a little while.

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