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Time To WAKE UP!
09-18-2020, 01:48 PM,
RE: Time To WAKE UP!
09-18-2020, 05:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-18-2020, 06:28 PM by 5GIRLS.)
RE: Time To WAKE UP!
Just watched Biden speak in Minnesota. Here's my thoughts on his points:
1) Jobs gone, mostly Union jobs. I was a union employee when Biden helped enact the NAFTA. Even lobbied against it in DC. I remember my Union President talking of it the day or day after it passed. He said this was the saddest day for the American worker. Why is Joe now concerned bout American jobs? Because Trump is doing something about it. See more below
2)Covid - We now know bout it Joe. What was on all those deleted phones? Calls/texts to Wuhan? Nah, probably just to Bill Gates that it was time.
3) Military - Lies, Joe, just lies.
4)Ivy League degree in White House. Remember Joe, you lying bout your degrees? I do.
5)Money, and how everybody is equal. Don't measure a man by his wallet. Like you did for your in Quwait?
6) Build em back better. Trump sent jobs overseas? WTF. No, he didn't, you did. Where is your memory?
7) Pay your fair share - to big business, it's time. Why wasn't it always time, jow? How many years did you have?
8) Buy American. Give me a break. How many years did you have? You and yours ruined us Joe. You have forgotten, but we have not.
9) Upgrading bldgs in USA., Good idea. Trump will get to it.
10) Infrastructure - we know how you would spend the money., Joe. Kimberly told us, member?
11) Affordable housing- refer to Kimberly'12) Schoiols Trump taking care of them. You are too late. Shoulda done something 45 years ago.
12) Tax cuts. Too late, we already heard you.
13) said Trump sent mfg drugs outta country. HA! You Liar!
15)Uniting the countryy. Yep, your BLM/Antifa friends doin one hella job. Thanks.
16) Take him on/Take our country back (from Trump) You and yours been tryin to do that for almost 4 years. You are a failure/ the camel worse.

Well, Joe, you didn't mention the Wall, Police, Fires, what you will do about Corona or world trade. Forget to put it on your cheat sheet? I Guess the 40 thousand viewers to your speech will have to guess

At Trump rally- oops not a rally, a PROTEST (against stupidity) in Bemidji. Can u believe no major news here at all? no fox, cbs, nbc, msnbc, none of em. Cowards Fake Media. Hope they have nothing up their mean sleeves. like that song. Mean sleeves, you do me wrong....

Biden had 5/6 news there. Trump town only has 15,ooo population. How many there? Lots.
09-18-2020, 08:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-18-2020, 08:57 PM by 5GIRLS.)
RE: Time To WAKE UP!
Listen to this Lunatic Beeache. I already listed deaths in this battle. Some of those suicides had 2 bullet holes to the back of the head. Look up what strangulation with a scarf tied to a door means. If she thinks Trump had anything to do with this, she probably thinks he had something to do with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Oh, wait. She died of Covid.

These guys are gettin real close to the nitty gritty. Some of the old Zion Jewish/Illuminati/Cabal stuff
**4 Stages of Communism, #1 Demorilization. Jewish tactic to further undermine family - kids early in schoool so they can teach what they want to them, and the working mother, as a household needs 2 paychecks, is not as much as an influence as the school. Gloria Steinem big in this one.
09-18-2020, 11:11 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-19-2020, 12:01 AM by 5GIRLS.)
RE: Time To WAKE UP!
Nobody tries to convince me that I sould vote for Biden. I can't think of one reason to.

They're back at it live in Portland: You happy camel?

This is the group camel harry supports.

They should be taken as prisoners of war and tried as such.

I think it has been only one so far, to giva a million dollar bail. Way to GO! Hope a bunch of these get that . Biden/Soros go broke payin that. Past Administrations let this go pretty far. If they had been leading our country the way we elected them to, none of this would be happening. All part of their master plan, my friend. It's in the books.
09-19-2020, 12:51 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-19-2020, 01:02 AM by 5GIRLS.)
RE: Time To WAKE UP!
Shot wentto NY. Multiple people are shot. He said Double Digits. - 12 shot. 2 dead
09-19-2020, 10:41 AM,
RE: Time To WAKE UP!
(09-19-2020, 12:51 AM)5GIRLS Wrote: Shot wentto NY. Multiple people are shot. He said Double Digits. - 12 shot. 2 dead
5girls, thanks for keeping us informed with what's happening on the fanatic left.

Sent from my SM-A205U using Tapatalk
09-19-2020, 11:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-19-2020, 11:52 AM by 5GIRLS.)
RE: Time To WAKE UP!
Wish, I still want to be a Democrat, I think. The way I used to believe what a democrat was. I just can't think of one reason, so I look. I post some off what I find.

America wants gun violence? You didn't splain that, so let me guess. If America would just get rid of all law enforcement, let blm antifa take over, it would stop.In your opinion?

In my opinion, they are trying to normalize it, do it so often, it is just the way it is. Like nudity, drugs, pornography, human trafficking, do anything you want sexually to a baby, lower the age of consent to 2 weeks. Just get rid of it all together. After all they don't know anything. They don't feel anything in the womb, so if you are 2 weeks away from childbirth, its ok to stab that baby and just cut it up and suck it out. It wont know. It isn't born yet. And its the normal thing to do.

Even Australians know what is going on:

Really good point here. Why do the 'climate' produced fires stop at the Canadian and Mexican borders?
09-19-2020, 12:37 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-19-2020, 01:31 PM by 5GIRLS.)
RE: Time To WAKE UP!
Camal A Black Panther?

Maybe not, she blm antifa.. Boy would I like to see her phone history...

says she smoked pot listening to Snoop Dogg. Fact is: hwer college time: UC Hastings- 1989, Howard- 1986. Snoop Dogg - 1992. What does that mean?

Follow the money:

(09-19-2020, 12:18 PM)crazyfamily Wrote: Do I really have to explain anything. If you don’t want gun violence, then do something about it. Otherwise STFU.

Just how Trump fake cried about the generals starting wars to build up the military complex. Who builds the military complex? The president. Trump. Who almost started a war with North Korea? Trump. STFU.

The truth is America doesn’t want peace, Americans want war. Look how “the troops” are propped up on every pedestal. Support the troops! Civilians drive around in military styled vehicles...hummers, jeeps etc. Camo garb is like a uniform for hillbillies. Deranged actors take their rage out on school children decked out in assault gear.

No, America doesn’t want peace. America thrives on war and gun violence. If you disagree, then you should do something about it.
All this retoric no solutions. Typical .sameosameo. I am doing something about it. You just refuse to see it. Blinded by the darkness
09-19-2020, 01:39 PM,
Time To WAKE UP!
I like Bongino...
Notice the Antifa, BLM, Socialist/Communist anarchist, none of them have guns, molotov cocktails, firebombs.
None of them have any violent intentions.
The left is never violent, some will vote for Biden even if he killed someone on 5th avenue.

Sent from my SM-A205U using Tapatalk
09-19-2020, 01:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-19-2020, 02:13 PM by 5GIRLS.)
RE: Time To WAKE UP!
Come on man. We all know which party is behind antifablm riots, looting, fires, and killing. And it aint Trump. Tell me what he has done wrong to this country. Everything he has/is doing, biden is now saying he will do. Even given his time in office, he has done Nothing. Trump Gets Things Done, Good Things for this country. If you don't know this, u don't know S###. Take that from a Democrat. I have proven my case with everything documented above, in this thread. All I see from the opposition is junk, false claims, and lies. All I have been given through past administrations is deceipt. Finally, someone in tne White House, who is Actually Doing Something For ME. Period!

Joe bidens ethics:

Trumps environmental fires: NOT, see for your self:

This is not how to get what you want. Not in this country. When your 3 year old throws a fit, a temper tantrum cause you wont let him have your bag of pot, do you just give it to him? NO. In this country, if you want something, you lobby. you talk to your duly elected representative. You VOTE for those who share your same ideals If the above tactics are the method you prefer, vote the harris/biden ticket.
Otherwise, vote Trump.

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