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Native American Parts of a Solve
09-09-2020, 01:52 AM,
Native American Parts of a Solve
One of my layers in a solve is related to Native Americans.

The Nez Perce tribe saved Lewis and Clark, and were peaceful.

When their lands were being stolen, and the military wanted to force them to a reservation, the Nez Perce tribe tried to flee the American military and wound up crossing Yellowstone National Park in their escape. There are several Nez Perce locations in Yellowstone that may tie in to other layers of a solve.

There are two Nez Perce picnic areas -- one near the Firehole River, and one next to the Yellowstone River on the other side of the park.

There is the Nez Perce Trail, which starts near the Nez Perce picnic area near the Firehole, and crosses Yellowstone by way of Mary Mountain and the Mary Mountain Trail, which exits near Mt. Washburn (the Nez Perce apparently diverged somewhat from this modern-day trail). Fenn was always fond of telling us to "marry" a solve to a map in different ways.

The Nez Perce picnic area on the Yellowstone is next to the Nez Perce Ford of the Yellowstone, where the tribe crossed the Yellowstone. This could be a red man's ford in Fenn terminology, or a red ford, or a Redford, who starred in the Great Gatsby, and wrote a book, The Outlaw Trail: A Journey Through Time. That might be a hint that a trail is not necessarily a physical trail, but could be a journey through time. If so, Kepler and supernovas could come into play (as noted in other posts I have made), as well as Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce and Lewis and Clark.

Chief Joseph was the leader of the Nez Perce band that traveled through Yellowstone. His Nez Perce name translated to " "Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain" or "Thunder traveling to higher areas". This may be supported by TTOTC Thor references.

When he surrendered (outside of Yellowstone) he has been credited with saying

"Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever."

This matches pretty well with the poem line "I've done it tired and now I'm weak"

Also, "Hear me all and listen good" may apply to Chief Joseph's speech. First, simply the "hear me" part. Second, the forced rhyme of "good" with "wood" meant that "wood" was the critical word, and "good" was used as a forced match (instead of using "well").

"If you are brave and in the wood" also applies. Chief Joseph was clearly brave in leading his tribe against the military on a 1,700 (1,170?) mile pursuit. He was also "brave" in being a Native American. Most interesting, however, is that many scholars have disputed he made this speech, and believe that the translator at the surrender (who was sympathetic to the Nez Perce) made it up. The translator was Lieutenant Charles Erskine Scott Wood -- C.E.S.(-- marking on the chest!) Wood. If Lt. Wood made up the speech, then the thoughts were "in the wood". Smile

Here is a link to Lt. Wood's history and why the Nez Perce were betrayed and pursued:

In any event, the "I will fight no more forever" part of the speech seems to jibe with Forrest's philosophy about war.

Finally, in one of the last Scrapbooks, Fenn called himself a red-faced speaker. This probably was a hint to Chief Joseph's famous speech.

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