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Twig in Chest
11-05-2020, 12:43 AM,
Twig in Chest
In other threads I talked a little about drum sticks, and about hearing loss and hammers and stirrups. The drum sticks suggest drums, which in turn suggest ear drums and also one of Forrest's books: Beat of the Drum and the Whoop of the Dance: A Study of the Life and Work of Joseph Henry Sharp. (That's a long title!)

I can't find my old notes, but I think the drum stick brand I emailed Forrest about was invented by a drummer who was associated with American Sign Language, used by deaf people. This was part of an old solve (in TTOTC, Forrest's father had a parking sign, and the word sign was repeated several times -- I had a bunch of stuff about ASL as well, and used one or two "signs" from ASL in that solve). The band associated with the drummer was in a Scrapbook or some other Forrest publication.

In any event, the twig could be a metaphor for a drum stick.

Especially if hearing loss ("So hear me all and listen good") is a key part of the correct solve.
11-05-2020, 01:47 AM,
Twig in Chest
In November 2014 Forrest released SB 105, My Art For Me. He detailed his day-trip to Vermejo Park where he caught some big trout and made some art from natural found materials. The art was some kind of effigy that he named Looney Bird. Another with a more sinister look was titled Miss Ford. Forrest described some of the materials that he preferred using in his art and says that “I’ve learned to anticipate color changes. When a green plant dries and turns brown it can ruin the composition of my work, so I freshen selected masterworks from time to time.”

Here’s the art “Looney Bird.”

[Image: da5806eb346b6ee2e249910c3aac7ffc.jpg]

Part of the adventure for us has included researching native traditions of the area. In preparation for our summer trip in 2016 we produced a few historically accurate prayer sticks. Some of the historically accurate materials included in our reproduction are dried plants. Here’s a pic of the prayer sticks that we sent to Forrest.
[Image: 7c46d0d1b1a8955fbf542ad45c654099.jpg]

It was a remarkable lead from Forrest who published a scrapbook about making his own prayer stick about a year before we discovered the ritual and the location where they were used.

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