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11-09-2020, 11:01 AM,
From my post in another thread:

The etching prints in Scrapbook 216 show Sharp's signature as normal. The etching plates show his signature as backwards, as it should be in order for a print from that plate to come out correctly. According to Forrest, he made millions of dollars from those plates and etchings. Two prints are juxtaposed with three etching plates in this Scrapbook. Overkill? Or a point he was making?

Elsewhere, Forrest also pointed out the article about riding a bicycle backwards.

In TTOTC, the front endfly (?) shows many pictures, including a student ID card that shows his age (17) correctly but includes a picture of himself as a child. The home address shown on that card is 1413 N. Main st, Temple, Texas.

Mongo uses this number with a shift in the decimal point to help prove that his Folsom Falls solution is correct, because it is 141.3 miles from Forrest's home in Santa Fe. However, if you reverse the number or read it backwards (and add a decimal point), you get the first 4 digits of "pi" (3.141). There are so many depictions of pi and/or pie in TTOTC, I do not think this is random.

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