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Let's get something straightened out right now
12-03-2020, 01:37 PM,
Let's get something straightened out right now
K-slow gets all of her "breaking news" from ----------------------..........................................

....wait for it .......

People she BANNED on her site . She goes back in and reads all their posts and finds REAL nuggets of info from these people , and turns around and tries to make it seem like inside info .

I mean lets face it , THIS seems more than plausible due to her not being truthful , and misleading , and lying , and moneterizing of the chase , that she would never allow or believe anyone that has been HONEST and has something to actually add to the chase . So she bans them . Then lets them back on in the hopes they will say some more stuff she can steal .

I can say this with 100% confidence ----that bullshit GPS solve search she just went on ? ---was the FIRST botg she ever did . EVER . She never searched 1 time , I guarantee it . Same as Justin Poser. I can hear the conversation going something like this :

Kslow- "Cynthia , I have a confession to make , I have never searched BOTG and paranoid about the community finding out i am just a big liar ."

Cynthia - " Don't worry , I am gonna do the same thing for Poser boy . We will do a fake search and have a camera crew with us so they can document it and will fool everyone into believing it . So lets see , how can we come up with a solve to do a search?"

Kslow- " Ooh OOH ! I got it , let me go back in and read all the deleted posts and banned people and see if we can glean something from that , and no one will be the wiser "

Cynthia - " But what if people say it was theirs ?"

Kslow- " it won't matter , because the deleted stuff only I can read and know , and the banned people cant speak up because ,,,well , they are banned !!"

But I am wise to her scam and hope all who read this will at least look at future evidence to see what I say to be true .
12-03-2020, 05:42 PM,
RE: Let's get something straightened out right now
Very informative. Glad I copyright everything and make it all too famous to steal!

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