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Merry Christmas!
12-25-2020, 09:46 AM,
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you all enjoy a memorable day spent with loved ones. I wish you all laughter, joy, peace, and safety on this special day, and every day that follows!

[Image: 511381d75c9f553b4836ffcd8548cfd9.jpg]
[Image: 8b889402b9d959fab1f7f4235e4d891c.jpg]

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12-25-2020, 06:04 PM,
RE: Merry Christmas!
Mindy, I'm starting a Go Fund Me campaign so that you can buy those kids some shoes! Smile

And thank you for always being so good-hearted and kind under remarkable circumstances during the Chase.

Please add the following "hints" to your collection, if you ever write a book about Fenn's Chase:

1. John Charles ... Duncan. Author of "Astronomy", the dominant astronomy textbook from the 1920's to the 1950's.

2. Duncan yo-yo's, because Fenn made yo-yo's, and they support Kepler's theories.

3. The many. many images of the Greek letter "pi" that can be seen by the naked eye in the pictures in TTOTC. Pi is also supported by the ID card at the front of the book (address is pi backwards, just like the photo is backwards vs. age), breaking the pies into two to sell them at a discount in TTOTC, magpies, and pies in general in TTOTC. Picnic area symbols on Yellowstone maps (and elsewhere) also look like pi's.

4. Kepler's "Dream" -- the first "modern" sci-fi book (written in the early 1600's) -- about a trip to the moon and looking down on the earth from the moon. Also related to his mother being accused of being a "witch" and going to jail before being rescued by her son. "Look quickly down" could relate to the moon because the "quick" of a fingernail or toenail is the lunula, or "little moon", and also because the bird is sitting on the moon in TTOTC.

5. Craters on the moon - Kepler, Tycho, Archimedes, Copernicus (specialized knowledge not required)

6. The moon as a mirror, reflecting sunlight at night.

7. Meteor "showers"

8. Marvel Gaze = stargazers and geyser gazers.

9. Patch on Forrest's pantleg in Tea With Olga -- may represent the Crab Nebula, the remains of the Supernova of 1054. A pictograph of this supernova exists in Chaco Canyon, for New Mexico buffs. There are many other supernova hints (including supernovas studied by Tycho and Kepler), including "radio" sources.

10. Embroidery and Chaos dolls represent the famous Chinese folktale of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, and their once-a-year "magpie" bridge across the Milky Way Galaxy. This could lead you from the Firehole River across to the Yellowstone River at the Nez Perce Ford, or near the summit of Mt. Washburn.

11. Fenn asked Dal to remove the picture of a Ford Galaxie in one scrapbook and replace it with a pickup truck. This was a rare change. Was the Ford plus Galaxie too much of a hint?

I have many more astronomy-related connections, if you ever need them for a book.

Another interesting hint was Forrest suggesting that he might be going to hell, both in scrapbooks and in TTOTC. In "The Long Ride Home" in TTOTC, Forrest and his brother were in Wyoming, between Shoshoni and Casper. Forrest got out of the car and his brother drove away. There is a geographic site about halfway along that route that is called Hell's Half Acre that used to be open to tourists. I tried to get RahRah to explore that for me once many years ago (partly as a joke -- it would be a nightmarish maze that might take 25 days to fully explore!?!!). It would be a great place to bury someone standing up -- as Forrest wanted to do for his brother in TTOTC.

But there is also a Hell's Half Acre in Yellowstone -- the Midway Bluff area that includes the Grand Prismatic Spring and the Excelsior Geyser (and was the subject of my main BOTG solve published here before I added more astronomy (including the Chaos and Embroidery dolls) and White Swan and the Nez Perce Indians to a later solve. It is also possible that the correct solve steers you back to Hell's Half Acre between Shoshoni and Casper.
12-26-2020, 01:13 PM,
RE: Merry Christmas!
I forgot to add that astronomy probably explains the Little Girl from India's predicament, as well as the boy from Waxahachie, and the boy from Marrakesh. They are all located too far south of the North Pole to see the rotation of the constellation Cassiopeia as it dips below the horizon ("puts in below") and then comes back up. Cassiopeia is the big "W" constellation in the sky. A "w" shape is the lower case Greek letter for the upper case "Omega" letter. "the home of Brown" represents the two "Bear" constellations that rotate opposite Cassiopeia -- Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (which include the Big and Little Dippers). When Cassiopeia "dips", these two constellations are ascendant in the sky. They are always capitalized, of course, which ties in with a capital letter for "Brown". It is possible the two Omegas at the end of TTOTC might relate somehow to the relationship between these three constellations.

There are other hints suggesting Cassiopeia in TTOTC, including "runaway" stars, very strong radio sources, including the #1 source, and Tycho Brahe's supernova remnant (one of the radio sources).
12-26-2020, 02:16 PM,
RE: Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas Mindy! Nice family photo! Beautiful place you live

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