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Why did the chicken cross the road?
01-04-2021, 01:23 PM,
Why did the chicken cross the road?
One answer, for me, is “existential angst.”

We all know that Forrest spoke of chickens. On the surface, the hint of chickens, is a little-chicken-riddle.

When I dig deeper, the answers I find, depends on what, “looking glass,” I am using to consider the question. Looking deeper to search for the meaning of a little a riddle is to look beyond how the question appears on the surface. A chicken?

Angst arises within a person, and, often to resolve, “it,” a person is required to go beyond the questions, that they think lie on the surface, and look deeper. If a person looks deeper, new questions arise from beneath the surface of the reflection, (the questions), and new answers are derived.

I know that my existential angst can often be resolved if I can find answers to the smaller riddles of my life. And in my life, if I ask myself the deeper questions, the adventure begins. I find my answers to “why the chicken crossed the road,” as the question applies to me. I become the chicken in the riddle.

For me, questions previously unknown, reveal answers previously unknown, and helps to provide answers to the bigger questions I have for myself. The questions that are on the surface.

For Forrest, maybe when he says, “the answers I already know,” it is a clue that is hinting about the riddles, and how we, as searchers, can go about searching for the answers to questions that we did not even know we had? With the clues he gave us, and his Poem, maybe, we are to look beyond the surface and attempt to resolve the deeper questions.

Will answers to his little-riddle-hints, give us new vision, and “tighter focus,” to help us resolve the bigger questions of Forrest’s Poem?

The chicken crosses the road in search of answers and meaning to resolve his existential angst. For me, the answers I find, to the questions I ask of myself, lie in front of my face, every day. I just need to, “look,” at the problem from a different angle, to see the answer.

For me, meaning, can be derived by looking deeper, beyond the surface, and often employs the use of metaphors. Metaphors are a most excellent tool that can be used as a, “looking glass,” to “retool” the question, and to discern the answers I am seeking, to the bigger questions. Christ spoke in parables for a reason.

Yes, the treasure chest has been found and the hunt is over. But beyond the “tears of denial,” the search for meaning continues, and the answers, when found, can supply us the answers for the line in his Poem: “the answers I already know,”

We want to know. And the answers once known, will be known: The meaning of this line in his Poem.

The answers once known will resolve the angst that searcher may feel, from the lack-luster ending of the treasure hunt. Discoveries are to be made and findings are yet to be found.

The chicken is you, and the adventure begins when you start across the road.

I like this old Burger King commercial. I watch it turned up really, loud, because I like “Rock.” The link is here:

At the start of the one-minute video, appears a chicken, “look quickly down,” or else you will miss it.

It can be inferred from the hilarious video that the chicken crossed the road to find “himself.” And that is fun. And a treasure hunt is supposed to be fun.

The hunt continues.

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