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It's who they think you are, so best solve wins. Invent one.
03-24-2021, 12:18 PM,
It's who they think you are, so best solve wins. Invent one.
That's it. No gold was ever there for you, no solve was ever there. A bunch of "clues" seeded in the poem- whomever finds the most or the main ones: bingo - you get to talk about it. "I did it." You get to say that, but it's like a world record. Somebody can come along and do you one better, then, a.i. perchance may crush the poem.

I say this because I was accused of inventing a single decryptor that in one move siphoned out of the poem the words "gasoline," "mensa," "garden," "two," "deen," "ronoct," "deen," and a very mispelled willow (oiolluow) at the end. Line by line words unlocked in one step. People actually thought two things: that either Fenn didn't put that encryption in there, OR, that the decryption wasn't important because it wasn't them that solved it.

This is the complicated part: in my opinion, it was POSSIBLE that Jack went to Fenn with evidence that Fenn already took the gold back - and Jack knew some part of the *when* and *how,* then, in damage control mode, Fenn breaks out the box and is like "oh look! We have a finder!" What happens now, since Fenn went quiet back then & is now gone, and Jack doesn't have a solve, is that a third person now has a chance as the solver that dupes the solveless Jack out of a serious chunk of glory in the GOATreasure hunts, and I can only wonder if that was Fenn's plan against Jack.

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