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Turquoise bracelet, Navajo, and Richard Wetherill
03-30-2021, 01:15 PM,
Turquoise bracelet, Navajo, and Richard Wetherill
Someone had posted a thread on or about 3-18-2021 that was titled, “Life after death,” or something like that. I recently saw that the thread had been deleted and decided to repost my reply which was also deleted.

And so I repost my comment:

Interesting to use the word “ghost”. I have asked what the turquoise bracelet symbolizes. IMO the bracelet symbolizes a Juniper berry bracelet. Made by the Navajo, the bracelet is referred to as “ghost beads”. Combined with the symbolism of the turquoise in the bracelet is like a statement from Forrest that is saying something significant. The bracelet is a hint/clue in and of itself that must be considered as relevant.

Juniper trees are sacred to the Navajo. I have read that the tree is equivalent to the tree of life. At Bisti the trees were harvested by the Navajo there before the area became a wilderness area. Many stumps of harvested Juniper trees are to be found there and I believe that his picture with the stumps in the field depicts this.

IMO, the bracelet is a talisman worn by Forrest and he placed it into the chest. It says something.

For me and the Bisti solution it screams the grove of Juniper trees in the shape of an arrow where I believe he buried the chest. Am I pushing a solution without proof? The proof is in the pudding of the theory proved out from obscure and hidden facts. When taken together, the interpretation of the riddles of the Poem, TTOTC, and other places where he left hints, I believe that the meaning becomes apparent. This especially includes the frog with the golden “W” on its’ eye and the bracelet. IMO, the bracelet symbolizes “ghost beads” and Native American mythology.

Mythology illustrates the concept of the “sacred grove of trees” worldwide…a grove of Juniper trees in the shape of an arrow, undisturbed by the Natives (many other Juniper trees were), kind of goes with “trove” in the Poem. Grove and trove. The bracelet serves as a talisman for Forrest Fenn for the end of his life and his entry into the next.

The finder said he had figured out where Forrest wanted to die. Does a sacred grove of trees make sense? To die and lay under or at the sacred grove of trees, symbolizing the “tree of life,” could be the message Forrest is conveying. Is this a puzzle piece that fits? IMO, just a little imagination will prove this logic as a strong possibility that conveys meaning.

How is this symbolism relevant as a statement from Forrest to the rest of the world? IMO it indicates TTOTC is about much more than just a treasure chest. TTOTC says something more as per, “the answers I already know”. The answers perhaps that all humans are seeking.

What is the link that puts Richard Wetherill at Bisti? The bracelet. He owned the Ojo Alamo Store at Bisti.
03-30-2021, 07:53 PM,
RE: Turquoise bracelet, Navajo, and Richard Wetherill

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