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New Seacher Coin Announced!
04-01-2021, 12:46 PM,
New Seacher Coin Announced!
Kpro and Cow are releasing a new searcher coin for collectors and for those people still searching for Forrest's chest. The coin design has been updated to have Jack Stuef's image replace Forrest Fenn's image. The new coin will be cast in pyrite and indicate it was minted in Wyoming; at least that's where Kpro and Jack have agreed that it would be minted.

Details to follow...
04-01-2021, 12:50 PM,
New Seacher Coin Announced!
04-01-2021, 06:41 PM,
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!

love the pyrite touch
04-02-2021, 01:34 AM,
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!
What is so special about pyrite? The play on the word pirate ?
"The first game on the list ! .....Go right through Faulkens Maze ."
04-02-2021, 06:58 AM,
New Seacher Coin Announced!
Fool’s gold
04-02-2021, 10:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-02-2021, 10:08 AM by admin.)
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!
That's pretty funny.

The guy who was digging in Yellowstone and had some serious legal issues emailed me a link to Kpro youtube where there's a gold frog. I think it's funny...she was saying something about getting a santa fe letter and kept missing it...then Jack told me that the frog wasn't coming with the chest. So I told Kpro and then she does a video about how she's so innocent and is ok with not getting the a set up so if she did get it...I was surprised when I saw that and saw her manipulation first hand.

That video led into another one they did and I see how she talks about how Forrest has her reply to a searcher. She makes it out like the searcher is a mental case and says it in a pity way. It wasn't me...but dang I feel terrible for that searcher....I would NEVER pretend to be forrest and respond to a searcher. That's such an invasion of privacy. How could she not see that? That was my issue when Forrest sent my email to Dal with my solve. That's bad.

Oh and all her... I met a celebrity...but can't tell you who. Someone related to Jack is in Santa fe and they might have found it with him...but I won't tell you who. I responded to someone for forrest, but won't tell you who. Ok...time to turn it off lol....please don't send me these links lol....
© Stephanie
04-02-2021, 12:13 PM,
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!
She doesn't have the frog, it's the copy that dan made. It's her usual attempt to create drama with deceit and lies.
04-02-2021, 12:54 PM,
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!
krapo once again proves why she is voted the chase's most evil person.
04-02-2021, 04:00 PM,
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!
What I fail to understand is how in the world ANYONE thinks she is a nice person ?

All those comments on their channel , all the people in the live chat , they all seem like intelligent , well rounded people .

How they don't come to the conclusion that she is the shadiest liar i can think of out of all the 7%ers , is beyond me .

"The first game on the list ! .....Go right through Faulkens Maze ."
04-03-2021, 04:37 AM,
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!
(04-02-2021, 12:54 PM)Top Secret Wrote: krapo once again proves why she is voted the chase's most evil person.

What gets me is she says Fenn told her to come visit her right away, and make a list of hundreds of questions to ask. She says she told him no I'm too busy right now. Something doesn't smell right.

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