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New Seacher Coin Announced!
04-09-2021, 06:26 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-10-2021, 07:17 AM by trueyeti.)
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!
(04-09-2021, 01:15 PM)admin Wrote: Interesting if you think about the poem....and use Y is it that I must go...also till you spoke about that and sexual preference I read the poem considering a sexual act. By the way. I could careless what anyone's sexual preference is....just would like to try and figure out answers to anything if we are able to. So maybe my ideas while they might seem out there to some...maybe they will trigger some thoughts for others.

Hi Admin,
Metaphorical thinking is healty and indicates an active imagination IMO. And that is necessary when considering a riddle and its possible solutions. Like a string of logic that leads one through the maze/labyrinth, abstraction (can bring answers), and is key in navigating that maze...the twists and turns in the maze could be set to equal the (Y) in your example...the (Y) representing a decision or a, "fork in the road" in the maze, and represents..."do I go left or right?" Abstraction and logic go together IMO...

Bugs Bunny always said, "I should have taken a left at Albuquerque". If you put enough of those (Ys) together like a hundred of them....then that constitutes a maze IMO.

One sentence/line in the Poem can have multiple meanings IMO. Multiple. And one Poem can have multiple meanings too. Consider this; Forrest's reference to throwing his body on the treasure speaks of death, but then the other poem he referrences about arriving at the end of the journey and seeing things as though for the first time, could speak of life and death. Death and ressurection. The ending of one journey and the beginning of the next...could it be that the Poem is a metaphore that speaks to this journey? And what else does the Poem stand for metaphorically too? Lots of Ys IMO...
04-09-2021, 07:00 PM,
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!
I meant Y must I go as a chromosome.

I honestly can't believe how many twists and turns he put in that poem that could lead you in so many directions.
© Stephanie
04-10-2021, 06:34 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-11-2021, 12:44 AM by trueyeti.)
RE: New Seacher Coin Announced!
(04-06-2021, 03:15 AM)trueyeti Wrote:
(04-05-2021, 09:52 PM)admin Wrote:
(04-05-2021, 08:48 PM)crazyfamily Wrote: Don’t get me wrong. A serious searcher would have to consider everything. We had a gay hook-up road in our search area that worked with “Fairy’s dancing around a rock.”

Funny, but I had this whole gay solve once. I totally forgot about it. I wonder if I could find it. I usually created documents for my solves that were deleted though. I'm sure I had a lot of possible connections to that theme. Does anyone else? I don't think I considered the fairies though or the rainbow. I've heard others mention something about Eric Sloan and Forrest having feelings towards him. It was more than one person who mentioned that to me. I never saw any connection there myself...but the fact two people said that to me seems interesting.

Hi Admin,
Below is a link to the short document I made titled, “Bisti Badlands Blaze,”. The first picture shows the DICK BEGAY hieroglyph. If you look at that picture you can see a large and clear penis on the relief of the rock surface below DICK BEGAY, (the name Dick Begay). And to the left of the phallus tip is where the etching of the treasure chest is scratched into the rock surface. So, there in the image and on the rock is a clear penis and the word BEGAY.

By the way, (pardon the pun, lol), the jpeg image of the picture also shows tons of squiggly “Ws,” an etching of a woman (on the right side of the pic), as well as the initials ES. If you can’t see these from the pdf document, let me know and I will endeavor to make the high-res jpeg available.

Within the document, DICK BEGAY is the same person as DICK, (the monolith). “Dick” is short (nickname) for Richard. Richard Wetherill owned the Ojo Alamo Store at Bisti. Richard Wetherill had the turquoise bracelet made.

If the Poem reads “and hint of riches new and old,” then how many “riches,” does it take to screw in a light bulb? (Three by this count).

Riches old: DICK BEGAY, DICK, and Richard Wetherill.

Riches new: The contents of the treasure chest. (Turquoise bracelet within).

What is the link between riches new and old? Could it be that “and hint of riches new and old,” is pointing at Richard Wetherill (turquoise bracelet and owner of Ojo Alamo Store at Bisti), Dick Begay (Navajo brave), and the turquoise bracelet that Forrest put into the treasure chest with his riches?

IMO the reference to the rainbow can be applied to mean the Golden Double Omega…it is like a rainbow…and points to the the end of TTOTC book and on the ground out there.

Hi Admin,
I wanted to add that at Bisti there are additional clues and hints on the ground. Many "blazes" IMO. Looking at the "DICK BEGAY" hieroglyph as a "blaze" illustrates my point about additional hints/clues on the ground out there. DICK BEGAY hieroglyph has been "damaged" as per the finders reference to saying so. By virtue of interpretation of the "blaze," which is necessary, this constitutes the statement by the finder that it is "difficult to read". That is because you have to decipher meaning from the the Egyptian Hieroglyphs need to be interpreted from symbols that give meaning...there are hints that have meaning on DICK BEGAY. Forrest, IMO did this...and the letters, "ES," are on that heiroglyph.

Additionally, the Bisti Solution brings together succinctly hints from the Poem, TTOTC book, and other hints from scrapbooks and statements that Forrest left us. But he left stuff out there too. Poem, book, hints, and additional clues/hints on the ground out there....

At the parking lot at Bisti is a trail that takes you into the Wilderness. If you walk off of the trail and go west it is observed that the Badlands have been carved out by the eons of time. You are standing on the top of an escarpment...looking down and into the canyon(s) that are the result of time...from up on top of the escarpment, if you want to enter the Badlands, one must hike down from the top of the escarpment to go down in there.

You have to go down in there, from there....and IMO matches Forrest's lines in his Poem, "in there," and "from there". IMO those lines of the Poem are a hint to the geography of the place...his special place...And I point out that the Bisti and it's geology and geography and distance from Santa Fe (119 miles), fit the hints in Forrest's statements and scrapbooks, his book (TTOTC) and his Poem. The hint/clue of the bracelet cited above as per TTOTC, "Gold and More" IMO a compelling puzzle piece that both fits and makes sense. This finding is very compelling and refutes Wyoming extremely powerfully all by itself.

DICK BEGAY hieroglyph is a blaze in and of itself out there at Bisti. And that hieroglyph fits what the finder said about the blaze being damaged too. It has been vandalized. That "blaze" contains additional clues/hints that IMO Forrest left out there on it addition, there are other, additional "blazes," "in there," (out there at Bisti) that I haven't gotten to yet, but several other examples are apparent from the other documents I have written since the beginning of my joining ChaseChat. These additional "blazes" are things that IMO Forrest left in there that are hints/clues in themselves that require interpretation to move forward with the search for his chest out there/in there....and IMO they all fit with the Poem, hints, statements and TTOTC too...

Lastly, I want to point out that the line in his Poem that reads, "from there its no place for the meek," applies well to Bisti....after all, it is the Badlands. And the Badlands....are no place for the meek.

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