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Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
05-07-2021, 11:42 AM,
Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
Been boring lately in Chase, so... "Originally posted by Leaf Blazeikson" (THOR) in response to KmartPro joining in on the cutdowns against me with two other users(pretty F unprofessional- you ain't a pro):
"Ok this is getting old, we get it, you are super smart and we are all dumb. You have it all figured out, we don’t. We don’t have the chest, and you..... oh wait, you don’t either. Stop with the trolling every thread about how smart you are and insults or, well, ya know."
"Ahaha! HEY, I'd meant to ask what you are a PRO at... HEY... WHAT do you call it when you never mention the best solve on a Youtube show - FOR YEARS!!? Bias? MUCH? BWAAHAHAHAHA. I love how you're just one of the regular users and get in on the cut-down action. Yo... if I had a few unbridled hours of cutting down assmeisters free from getting banned- this place would look like dragons flew through... just sayin'. One day you'll have to talk about the real solve and deal with the maestro- just keep it in mind. If I seem arrogant, it's not that I really am, it's just the extra hard kick I need to break the serum through. It's called the right solve- try it one day."
She follows-up with:
"I am a pro at being an admin of this site. And I try to be a pro wife. And even a better pro mother. Though I am probably a work in progress on all of them. I even need a break from you, since you don’t seem to get it, take ten days to reflect on how awesome you are, just not here."

People come to hate me online when they constantly fight me with their aliases and throwaway user accounts. That's why I do this- because she is looking here, too. BTW her "my haters" comments- b***h PLEASE, to have haters requires you to be at a higher station in life/chase & actually be a pro at something- you are not & I am a pro. I love how a few users asked why you banned me for being arrogant. They know why I'm arrogant, Kpro, because I have talent- they don't know why you are arrogant... AHAHAHA!! That's called dragons flying through. Don't F with dragons. You'll look stupid.
05-07-2021, 03:00 PM,
RE: Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
"if the bashing keeps up by him on other sites, he will move to a perm ban. I only act on about 50% of the flags, but beleive me, it was warranted." 1:43 PM today.

I told you I was Sheldon, Amy Smile heheheh!
05-08-2021, 12:47 PM,
RE: Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
Since yesterday, I've been mentioned 14 times. Whiskey November: YOU'RE A FAN! Negative talk is good talk, I say. Whiskey took the time to address(negatively) each and every comment they made about me.

Tornado: "If this keeps up, I'm jumping ship and starting my own forum where fast jabbing, hard hitting beasts like Leaf won't get banned."
Whiskey: "Cool, then no one will need pull any punches for fear of being banned for nailing Leaf as the yammering, needy, snowflake tiara-touting party dress runway model prom queen he is."

A SNOWFLAKE is someone who has to put your name in, because he's always thinking about you, even when your name wasn't mentioned- as in the next volley...

Tornado: "This forum was the lion's den and you will get the shit kicked out of your ego if you jump in being a sensitive, PC, passive aggressive light-weight." (I wasn't mentioned- this was not part of a convo between them about me).
Whiskey: "That's why Leaf gets bitch-slapped and curb-stomped every time he fires up his make-up mirror and goes online to hawk selfies of his copyrighted line of lip gloss. "Hard hitting beast" ? HAR! He's a tepid hanger-on desperate not to get picked last on the dodgeball playground. No one on this forum has greater need for attention and validation. Dude is so friggin lonesome it hurts to read his pitiful pleas for recognition." ****5 likes****

This guy is just hired to cut people down, right? He never gets banned. Is this Jack and is he showing the reason he got picked? Did FF scout him from highly-insulting online battles just for this purpose? Haha gotta wonder. But in Whiskey's world, it's all about me. Maybe he imagines I'd look like a girl for him, too. Dude's F messed up in the head. Seriously! FIVE LIKES... by 5 people (maybe 1 or 2 people...) 5 likes for that is a community's inferiority complex in the flesh.

Tornado: "Leaf has the solve."

Whiskey: "He has a solve just like several hundred thousand people. But for certain he has one massive inferiority complex."

Like I said upstairs in this post, since I get shit from useless people all my life, I ask them "WHAT ARE YOU A PRO AT?" (I've gotten good at fighting like this with stupid assholes, because in the Rock business I've seen beta males doing everything from trying to breathe all over my girlfriends to actually trying to be me on paper or in clothing - MFs are WEIRD.) Get it straight, Whiskers, inferiority complex is what you are doing. I know what I'm a pro at & you don't like it. Anyway this one made Whiskers blow a gasket...

Tornado: "while discussing the solve that broke your hearts." (I am not sure Tornado is actually talking about mine, but Whiskers thought he was HEHEHEH!)

Whiskey: "See, this is the inescapable heart of (seemingly you and for sure) people like Leaf that I just. don't. get. You're in abject agony, absolutely writhing in bitter tantrums about not being the one. As the greatest basketball coach of all time says repeatedly to the run-of-the-mill NBA prima donnas: "Get over yourself.""

Hey you know what!? People who see what I am saying here, are offended, but never carry on with us in any way on Chase Chat? THEY'RE F JERKS. Since I know they see this, I'm going to say this: Whiskey seems like JACK, who is obsessed with Leaf (Solver) & you all know a lot more today than before.

I don't talk about people until I am deeply having to DEFEND myself. I'm taking you people down, verbally, right in the blogs. I love how 1 person cussed some THORers out, and another left the blog yesterday. Not really because I was banned, but because they feel the flames of defiance against these assholes rising. Keep it burning & keep it REAL.
05-08-2021, 07:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-08-2021, 07:24 PM by LeadSolver.)
RE: Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
Glad you're looking, Whiskers. Looks like you went absolute spree-crazy slashing about against 2 diff THOR users, all but calling one of them ... me. You called the other a shrew. Now that's not gonna win people over - what's winning is me. Be nice(enough), provide answers- goes further. You lost & your insults got you deeper in a social hole. BTW, glad you really went off - now that's rage. Rage against the Leafmachine. I like it. It's not even pain yet.

I'd chalk Whiskey as the biggest bully in Chase history only by his ability to somehow evade banning. That means something, right? You know, that payback account you see in blogs that storms in and terrifies people like that. I always think people like that are close to the mods - I'm only guessing. I like how the theme of my thread, the thread Whiskey went off in - was a direct statement about what I think Jack did: made a deal with Fenn, maybe more like a hustle; close to one. I got 3 maybe more friends on THOR - they aren't me. This isn't a very big fishtank - it's about 160 people any given day that care about Chase or who are in the always-on state. They'll figure shit out. a dozen or fewer people won't make up their minds. The pincers are closing down on bullshitters, thx to about 150 people.
05-09-2021, 11:02 AM,
RE: Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
She shut down the thread because of the little bitch "Fenndery," big narc on the board. Several people told the narcs in the last couple days to F off & that they want a non-narc place for real discussion, free of touchy little bitches.
05-11-2021, 02:04 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-11-2021, 02:13 AM by Faulkins Maze.)
RE: Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)

When you STILL conclude its the world outside
that is to blame.
"The first game on the list ! .....Go right through Faulkens Maze ."
05-11-2021, 11:37 AM,
RE: Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
(05-11-2021, 02:04 AM)Faulkins Maze Wrote: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

When you STILL conclude its the world outside
that is to blame.

It's the world inside. The insiders that are to blame.
05-11-2021, 01:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-11-2021, 01:07 PM by LeadSolver.)
RE: Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
I just had a strong suspicion that the Chase will come to an eventual conclusion based on best information that is left standing. I think I know what that conclusion will be. 3 people said it on THOR just today, two of them for and one of them against that conclusion. The people against that conclusion made up their minds already & that's the funnest part - when they have to say "I didn't particularly care for that person(solver)." They'll have to say it, because they can't backtrack after talking shit & they know it will cost money to have solver on.
05-13-2021, 11:13 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-13-2021, 11:39 AM by LeadSolver.)
RE: Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
Old Pilot has been answering my posts today, which is cool, and then there's Fenndery pulling a Whiskey with this: "Is that you 8 banned lives ?" asking a new user if it's me. Tell you, rent-free is the way.

Think about how resistant they all were 11 months ago to me, and how now, strong ones are warming up to my clues. It's real- I am not imagining this, hence why a not-so-likable(in print)(I get along great in person) person like me actually has believers. I'll have more than any Youtubers and moderators too, very soon. Hard work rewards are sometimes slow, but they do eventually happen. Kpro, you are playing a denial game against #1 - I just wanted that said DIRECTLY. I've played this game before & shut down some major bullshitters in my time. What I'm doing is making it impossible for you to like me & that's where you should be. You should be opposing the real solve right when it is proven, as payback...
05-13-2021, 02:46 PM,
RE: Got cut-down by K on THCR, cut her ass BACK! (got banned again:)
Tornado comment: "I very much agree with you. At least one of my kids and I have aDD. It's hard for them to sit in classrooms and focus. They need to either by hyper focussed on something to stay put or pace, roam, talk, come and go at their own free will in classroom or office settings to be productive on their own internal clocks. Time and schedules can be challenging concepts for folks with ADHD.

And yes, FF has done something here that is so complex, far fetched, outside of the realm of the world we all know... wow. He is a one of a kind, universal game changing genius."

Also, Tornado, it's evolution. It seems that you and your kids are advanced enough to be misunderstood by slower society; misunderstood by the average. In primate society, intelligence is actually competed with by organizations of lesser beings, looks and athleticism. I'm not sure why humans have the need to diversify away from intelligence, but it is always under attack.

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