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The Solve!
05-08-2021, 07:15 PM,
The Solve!
Hi everyone, here's a gofundme of sorts. Let's start with an undisputable solve which you can buy Phase one in my eBay store for $223.00 but to get the ball rolling I'll give it to everyone here for free (shhh, don't tell anyone!). How can I do this you might ask, on face value Mr. Fenn's poem is a ROUNDABOUT, keep that in mind. Ok, oh by the way I challenge anyone to dispute this solve! Let's call this our "Preservation Room" moment- ENJOY (the movie National Treasure) WWWH= Hot Spring! To be exact Spence Hot Spring. It's roughly 9 miles north of Santa Fee as the crow flies, a little less actually, sound familiar (I've cared for my elderly family members and older folks generally stay closer to home.)? We begin there and drive down San Diego Canyon, drive? you may ask? If we're going to get anywhere we have to follow instructions! We drive because it's "Too Far To Walk"! Let me add here as I told Mr. Fenn This is one of the most BEAUTIFUL PLACES ON GOD"S GREEN EARTH! Now sorry, half way down as we drive past a Gov. recognized hot spot for brown trout (H.O.B.) we "PUT IN" below there. There is "Battle Ship Rock" Confirmation- "No place for the meek" As we enter we come to water, funny to your right it's called the Jemez River but to your left it's called San Antonio Creek. Confirmation- What happened in San Antonio? The Alamo "No Place For The Meek" But we NEED a creek if we follow instructions because we're told to "GO UP OUR CREEK" Yes he gives us direction and Ownership of said creek. This explains "put in below the home of brown, put in is a nautical term which confirms once again! Before you "Put In" though look at yet another confirmation built in by Mr. Fenn himself (actually this is of a higher power!). You should be looking at all this on google maps, remember Mr. Fenn was a pilot he would have seen this from the air. Look for the "Brave" If you look there's a profile of an Indian "Brave" or Warrior (curve at Battle Ship is chin) it's about a 2 mile stretch and IT"S AWESOME"! Anyway, here's where the roundabout shows up, if you march up San Antonio Creek There's no "BLAZE" A blaze is a marker used to blaze a trail nothing more! There is a blaze close by but not on San Antonio Creek! Here's why Mr. Fenn quoted T.S. Eliot "will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. There's the solve on face value but there MORE, SO MUCH MORE! This is just a drop in the bucket of what Mr. Fenn did here and everyone will know the rest soon! I've said enough already but something alters something and CHANGES EVERYTHING!!! there are 3 phases to this thing and you end up at a totally different location. it's mind boggling! Check out my eBay store Watto's Junk Yard II and join/help us to finish this thing right. I hope everyone has a good weekend, there's a lot to digest! Take care, Jeff (1jeff24 ebay)
05-09-2021, 09:39 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-09-2021, 09:43 AM by trueyeti.)
RE: The Solve!
Hi headsortails,

I read your post and thought I’d bite…

IMO, a solve is a solve is a solve is a solve. To claim undisputable and invite challenges is an interesting strategy for starting fresh out the gate. But I must point out to you that a solve is an accumulation of findings. Findings must be relevant, make sense, and are vital for a searcher to understand the final resting place of the hidden chest.

In an earlier thread I laid out a “Gold Standard” finding. This finding is independent, is free, and it stands alone all by itself. In the chapter in TTOTC titled, “Gold and More,” Forrest speaks of “Richard Wetherill,” “Navajo,” and the “turquoise bracelet.” That is his narration. His Poem appears in this chapter too.

Link to the tread: “Here’s a new Conspiracy Theory”

What I call the “Gold Standard” finding shows the commonality between the elements of Forrest’s narration and demonstrates the locality of the Bisti Badlands Wilderness Area. This is where Richard Wetherill owned and operated the Ojo Alamo Store, where Kritosaurus Navajovious Brown was discovered, and where three “Richards/Dicks/riches” are located. The finding makes sense as it fits that Forrest put the turquoise bracelet into the chest and hid it at Bisti to come full circle and to link himself to Richard Wetherill, there, where Richard Wetherill owned the Ojo Alamo Store. Remember Richard Wetherill had the bracelet made by a Navajo Silversmith.

This, “Gold Standard,” is simply a finding and is evident to anyone with an open mind. That you have a solve with a price tag that does not rise to meet this Gold Standard, IMO invalidates the location that you present. The Gold Standard finding is extremely powerful alone all by itself. Perhaps it is you that should challenge yourself to dispute it?

The “home of Brown” as Brown Trout I challenge. Kritosaurus Navajovius Brown, (the duck-billed dinosaur) alone contains within it "Navajo" and "Brown" together. This a finding of mine that is outside of the Gold Standard but is within the accumulation of findings at Bisti and corroborates the Poem to the locality and is a superior finding compared to “Brown Trout”. Additionally, Bisti-De-Na-Zin means, “the place of the adobe formations”. Adobe is “brown,” and it is also the home of Kritosaurus Navajovius Brown.

The findings that you indicate are not substantiated, are vague, and are empty with respect to Richard Wetherill and Navajo and the turquoise bracelet, (Forrest Fenn’s narration in the chapter where his Poem appears).

I respect your enthusiasm and spirit of entrepreneurship, but I must gently add that focused attention on a solve can cause a person to become invested in their solution to the point where they “can’t see the forest for the trees”.

If your marketing sales pitch rose to meet the level of the Gold Standard, if it incorporated Richard Wetherill, Navajo, and the turquoise bracelet seamlessly then it would be intriguing, but alas, the findings in your pitch fall flat. If you need money, I can give you some for free. IMO, “The Solve!” should be free after all, as the finding within the “Gold Standard” is.
05-09-2021, 12:54 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-09-2021, 01:04 PM by headsortails.)
RE: The Solve!
Hi, interesting, I bet Mr. Fenn loved corresponding with you trueyeti! Sorry I don't meet your gold stadard (mabey I'll finish reading about it later) but I do offer a COMPLETE MONEYBACK GAUARANTEE! Let's have a real dispute, anyone? Before you speak remember What I've shown for free is just a scratch on the surface! And I want to add my motivation here is to honor Mr. Fenn not monatary gain and to get the real solve to us the people! What I do want is to finish this thing in style and not driving straight through (23 hours from GA) and do this right and ENJOY it for a change! It's not over folks and it's time to find out what Mr. Fenn's Bronze bells/Jars were for! if the community wants to get behind this I'll DISCOUNT!!! Think about it everyone! Jeff

Wait! 1st HAPPY MOTHERSDAY Ladies! Let me get my coffee in me and I'll post more facts/confirmations!
05-09-2021, 08:09 PM,
RE: The Solve!
Hey again everyone and hope you all had a Great Mothers Day! Trueyeti I apologize for my reaction to your superior knowledge of the things you spoke of. Your only real dispute I saw that I understood about the home of brown is defeated with more confirmations in later phases. You simply don't have all the facts, facts and common sense are what solved this thing. Like Mr. Feen said SIMPLFY! I'll be back very shortly with more of the facts and confirmations I spoke of earlier. Thanks, Jeff
05-09-2021, 10:10 PM,
RE: The Solve!
(05-09-2021, 08:09 PM)headsortails Wrote: Hey again everyone and hope you all had a Great Mothers Day! Trueyeti I apologize for my reaction to your superior knowledge of the things you spoke of. Your only real dispute I saw that I understood about the home of brown is defeated with more confirmations in later phases. You simply don't have all the facts, facts and common sense are what solved this thing. Like Mr. Feen said SIMPLFY! I'll be back very shortly with more of the facts and confirmations I spoke of earlier. Thanks, Jeff

Hi headsortails,
Common sense sees clearly TTOTC chapter, “Gold and More,” containing the elements of Richard Wetherill, Navajo Silversmith, the turquoise bracelet, and Forrest’s Poem. This is the “Gold Standard,” of facts. If a searchers solution does not tie these “common sense/Gold Standard” elements together succinctly then that searcher is not using common sense and is not in touch with the facts and cannot approach the Gold Standard. If you accuse me of not having facts that is fine but if you cannot deny with clarity the above facts I am merely pointing out, then your location is invalidated. The above elements in the chapter and the Poem need to fit together precisely. Yours solve does not do this and ignores these facts altogether. If you cannot see this then you cannot see the forest for the trees. It is you who is not using common sense in your approach to a Solve with findings that make sense within the parameters that the Gold Standard provides. They are stand-alone facts all by themselves and have nothing to do with me.

A searcher can say that their solve is in Wyoming, or the Jemez Mountains, or Ojo Caliente, or wherever but if their findings (or Solve) do not succinctly fit into their solution Richard Wetherill, Navajo (Silversmith), and the turquoise bracelet, then their findings (and their Solve) are invalidated.

Try to understand the finding is in TTOTC chapter titled, “Gold and More”. I call the finding the “Gold Standard” as it stands alone, all by itself, (without me). It is extremely powerfull and refutes Wyoming at the same time using Forrest Fenn’s own book and Poem (same chapter).

I searched and found that it also deciphers Bisti as the location (Please read on below). I do not know if you have read the above cited string, so I simply copy and paste an entry I made to ravenhome777 on page 4 of that thread. It is below:

Hi Ravenhome777,

As far as things go, it is hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes. IMO you have been looking through the lens for ten years. IMO, you get an “A” for effort. Belief and conviction and determination for ten years is admirable. I was married for ten years and I wore the rose-colored glasses and believed in, “till death do us part”. The ending was difficult. Believing Wyoming for a long time and putting effort with BOTG, IMO, illustrates a love for the game…TTOTC….it is commendable, I admire you for your efforts.

And although a marriage and a treasure hunt are different, they are similar at the same time too. I had to go through the grieving process for both the end of the marriage and the end of the treasure hunt too.

But when I got through it, I marched along and then things became clearer to me. I am sure that you read the entirety of this thread. I respect searchers sensitivities about Wyoming and New Mexico, (and the way the Chase ended too). With respect to the Rosetta Stone reference and TTOTC, I have something to add.

The Rosetta Stone was the key to deciphering the Egyptian scripts.

Wiki link

Key to deciphering. Key. Rosetta Stone. So, what is the Rosetta Stone to Forrest Fenn’s Poem? Between all that he put out…. the Poem is central. The Poem appears in TTOTC chapter titled, “Gold and More”.

But how do we as searchers decipher the location? You mentioned that you were stumped how Jack figured out the location and, I sense that you are committed to Wyoming too. I empathize with this heartfelt connection.

But I must point out to you that in the chapter Forrest mentions Richard Wetherill, the Navajo silversmith, and the bracelet. That is his narration.

Richard Wetherill: Owned the Ojo Alamo Store at the Ojo Alamo Spring within the Bisti Badlands. (it is only a short distance to where I know he hid the chest).

Navajo: Barnum Brown, (paleontologist), discovered the duck-billed dinosaur at Bisti (only a short distance from where I know he hid the chest). He named the specimen, Kritosaurus Navajovius Brown, (Navajo). The turquoise bracelet made by a Navajo silversmith. Bisti Badlands Wilderness Area is interspersed with Navajo Nation tracts of land, it is theirs. The chest was buried mere feet from Navajo Nation lands, (toggle GoogleMaps between satellite and land features to see this).

The bracelet: The bracelet comes full circle from Richard Wetherill to Fred Harvey, from Fred Harvey to Ford Harvey, (his son), from Ford Harvey to Byron Harvey (his son), from Byron Harvey to Forrest Fenn, from Forrest Fenn to the chest, (where he put something of himself in the chest), from the chest to his special place. Bisti.

These facts are the Gold Standard, IMO, and are derived from the chapter, “Gold and More,” and, in effect are the “Rosetta Stone” that is the key to deciphering the location of where Forrest Fenn hid his gold. The Rosetta Stone is metaphor for something that is “key”. Any solve/solution for where Forrest Fenn hid his chest needs to meet this, “Gold Standard,” IMO, and if it does not, then it does not rise to meet it.

Bisti and Richard and Navajo and bracelet and Forrest and Brown and back to Bisti. This is the Gold Standard and is derived from the book, the Poem and research. When you get BOTG at Bisti you find Dick Begay and Dick, and these along with Richard constituted “riches” as per the Poem. The chapter is titled “Gold and more”. “More” means that there is more. More on the ground found out there (Bisti), corroborates with the facts cited above.

The finder said that he figured out where Forrest wanted to die. Obviously that place is where Forrest’s, “Special Place” is. The above facts that I cite, IMO constitute the “Gold Standard,” (meaning the best of the best), for deciphering the location of Forrest’s special place. The finder knows this IMO, and now you do too. IMO, any claim of where the treasure was hidden must have facts that rise to the Gold Standard that Bisti provides. Wyoming does not do this and IMO, nowhere else does either.

As much as it hurts to let go of something sometimes, I empathize and I invite you to read my thread titled, “Theoretical Theory,” in the “Therapy Room,” within the ChaseChat blog.

Link below

I hope that you can cross the road and become, “un-stumped”. If a person cannot see the forest for the trees, sometimes they must cut down those trees and make stumps so that they can see. Like Forrest in his drawing where he cut down the trees so that he could see. IMO the trees speak to personal paradigms. And what is wrong with a paradigm shift after all? Sometimes a person must cut down those trees (paradigms) altogether and it is like a divorce where the paradigm of “till death do us part,” is shattered…. or cut down. But then, hopefully you find the Gold Standard for your life and march onward…no longer clueless.

Some folks like to tinker with conspiracies. Usually there is an explanation of something that makes sense and is rational. Can folks who theorize conspiracies come up with a logical explanation why Forrest would say Wyoming when it is not? Can they consider the question? Why don’t those folks put their noggins to use in coming up with some rational reasons why? It could advance our collective understanding of the matter of Bisti, where he hid the chest…
05-09-2021, 10:35 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-09-2021, 11:22 PM by headsortails.)
RE: The Solve!
Ok, Facts, Not Wyoming, I have to give everyone that one. We all heard someone say the treasure was found and later the state announced but did anyone see this? Mr Fenn loved the camera and believe me he was Proud of this poem, I KNOW! I have to say the date the state was announced was even pertinent to me. That brought a Smile to my Face!!! Ok the poem, after being sick from a tick bite for 3 months I heard about all this in 2018 and not being able to afford the book after 2 weeks on Fri the 13th I printed a copy of the poem off the interweb. I said a simple prayer "Lord let me see this thing like Mr. Fenn does and I was off. In 32 days I solved it, that was 32 days of 12 to 16 hours a day of research and study! I was off to find the Blaze on San Antonio Creek but luckily I had stared at that poem long enough that I unlocked the key that revealed the second phase just in time. I've given the true solve to this thing free of charge, what he did here was pure GENIOUS!!! OK, Our poems BWWWH we start at Spence Hot Spring and we drive down San Diego Canyon past the HOB Brown Trout Hot Spot, Come on, Mr. Fenn Was An avid Brown Trout Fisherman!!!! Believe me I spent far too much time researching names and everything else for HOB (listening to others was a mistake at times!). In phase 2 there's another HOB confirming itself and canceling out the other!!! I'm telling everyone THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!! Phase 2 even Gives that explanation for Brown being CAPITILIZED that you seek! Ok at Battle Ship Rock we "PUT IN" as i said a nautical term so were getting wet! Also another Confirmation, "Ever Drawing Nigh" or near to be modern. "Drawing" is also a Nautical term, determining at what level your ship runs aground. We're going "Up Our Creek" as instructed without a paddle, we're walking! But there are "Heavy Loads", another confirmation, San Antonio Creek is Littered with Hugh Boulders all the way up! And "Water High" Is Spence Hot Spring, I can see an Native American giving directions to the white man "go up to "Water High"! My initial gut was a waterfall, which I had to quickly give up once every other Confirmation forced me too!!! I hated that, I was so sure but at least it was the only thing I had to through out! Any way! Unfortunately there's no Blaze on the Creek, I'll bet it's safe to say many did phase one and though it was a hoax! I know I don't have the chest, but I do know where someone's (maybe an uncle) been mining it from a Land slide for the last couple years! If you'll notice the chest in the woods which was supposedly closed in the woods is mud incrusted, that's funny! And notice the front is bent, that's odd! The stick in the chest was put there for me (I'll explain later!). I'll bet it matches the marker I removed from the 3rd phase location!!!! Any way. If you read all Mr. Fenn said about the Box of Memories being on Gov't. land will help you follow me here. You know Mr. Fenn wanted to be buried at his favorite spot, I firmly believe and have MIND BOOGILING evidence to support my claim that he made a way to get the treasure without any retribution (which I believe is truly why he was raided!). This is where his Bronze Jars he cast come into play! Trueyeti, put your money where your mouth is and just fund this adventure and be amazed. I'd like to no actually I NEED to invite a large group to come along for this thing, there's strength in numbers. I'm Truly not seeking to gain financially from this, I just want to finish. I have an amazing story to tell and possibly 2000.86 acres of some of the most BEAUTIFUL LAND ON GOD"S GREEN EARTH to gain, that should be sufficient! And I might add I'm very generous! Perhaps then I could even suggest the treasure, Forrest Fenn's Box Of Memories be put in the Smithsonian? That's where it needs to be! I've said far too much but the snow on Fenn Mountain is Thawing and it's almost time to go, any one want to join me? Contact me and I'll give phase 2 and have you hooked! Fund us and I'll give the final phase. Seriously if anyone knows Tony Dokoupil of CBS he'll kinda know what I'm talking about! Please have him or Josh Gates contact me. Come on people let's finish this thing together! Take care, Jeff

Wow, TRUEYETI, I just saw a response about a gold standard again, I'm a simpleton and lost in your gold standard, sorry! I just know if you knew ALL I Know you would see. Take care

Wow, TRUEYETI, I just saw a response about a gold standard again, I'm a simpleton and lost in your gold standard, sorry! I just know if you knew ALL I Know you would see. Take care

Let me add, Although I never met him I grew to admire and in a strange way love Mr. Fenn. I can't really explain, I only spoke to him 1 time briefly on the phone and corresponded with him by registered letter on more than one occasion, remember those, they can be tracked! What I do have that I treasure is a special autographed copy of TTOTC that was delivered with a cryptic message only I would understand after asking a certain question about landslides and other Important information! THIS IS FOR REAL!

Oh and the signature was "VERY INTERESTING" and special!

Yes Mr. Fenn spoke and helped, if you were Close!

Hey, did anyone else notice everything wasn't in the chest/pics presented?
05-10-2021, 12:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-10-2021, 12:44 AM by headsortails.)
RE: The Solve!
I had a choice to make when I discovered the landslide, I could have been mining and even discussed it but after after a cryptic confirmation chose to go in the direction I was led, eventually it should still pay off! I feel most of the serious searchers believed and trusted Mr. Fenn and you know the ending DID NOT FIT HIM OR HIS STYLE, I have answers.

Jeff McDaniel, McDaniel Used Auto Parts
Loganville, GA. 30052 Cell 678-345-4502

One last thing for you trueyeti no offense meant but your gold standard is over my head so please unless you want to really look at what I've presented and fund it please no need to reply.

All I did was follow the older gentleman's instructions and came to a conclusion that I could tell he was TICKLED with!
05-10-2021, 02:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-10-2021, 02:27 AM by headsortails.)
RE: The Solve!
And last before I crash (it's late here in JAWJA) anyone who reads my solve and other info given here please ignore trueyeti's remarks, he's stuck on some gold standard that's over my head and Wyoming. Please if anyone wants to dispute it make sure your solve has built in confirmations in the poem as mine does. Also be able to back it up with something that alters the poem and gives further UNBELIEVABLE Confirmations. And also please do it with an instant message or call, please don't clutter my info here, lol. I know what I've written here is lengthy but please read it all minus his comments. Hey this is all new to me so bear with me! lol Thanks everyone, take care, Jeff

Oh I forgot, if you were mining treasure (an individual or an entity) would you want anyone knowing where your location was? Please, read ALL I've said here and think for yourself. Goodnight everyone!
05-10-2021, 03:46 AM,
RE: The Solve!
Hi headsortails,

Last attempt...

TTOTC Chapter that contains Forrest's Poem is titled, "Gold and More".

It has the following elements, (what I call the "Gold Standard" of facts).

1. Richard Wetherill
2. Navajo (Silversmith)
3. Turquoise bracelet
4. The Poem

Facts are facts. The above facts are the elements of the Gold Standard of facts. They are findings that stand alone and make sense. Findings, facts, or solutions that do not rise to these facts fall outside of the Gold Standard of facts. The legitimacy of a Solution/Solve that does not rise to meet the burden of facts that the Gold Standard provides is in jeopardy.

Bisti meets the Gold Standard. If it is above your head, then take your head out of the sand and see the sunshine.

All, please ignore those people who claim they have solves/solutions that ignore the facts that the Gold Standard provides.
05-10-2021, 04:00 AM,
RE: The Solve!
Really YETI, wow, can you not follow anyone's wishes? Does your solve have any confirmations built into the poem? AND IF IT DOES PLEASE ANSWER ONLY IN PRIVATE MESSAGE OR BY PHONE. Or keep your thoughts to yourself. Take care, Jeff

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