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The Solve!
05-12-2021, 06:50 AM,
RE: The Solve!
Hi Faulins Maze,
You are getting will read and re-read are getting sleepy...follow the are now under.

You are a chicken...cluck like a and re-read...breathe deep and feel your are falling deeper and you are a 10-year old and you are in the fourth grade...and you have to go to the bathroom...and the teacher won't let you go...and there are 40 minutes to go before you are a chicken are still deeply in trance...cluck-cluck like a chicken again...surrender your mind to the are under my control....

Hey, its like that movie "Get Out". Your brain is now mine. Try a single dot (period) in your next reply.

The lost one in Faulkins Maze goes round and round and up and down and is lashing out with adolescent shadow projections.

Now, you are an think like an adult....and you act like an adult....and employ critical thinking like an adult...breathe....and now you are awake and ready to contribute something useful....
05-12-2021, 07:28 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-12-2021, 07:30 AM by headsortails.)
RE: The Solve!
22 was prior

to this

Altered/Poem or Poem #2
Yes our poem has Not a "River" but a rivulet and a creek running through it. If you draw a line
starting above "AS I have" then down and continue in front of and, secret, and, it, and, not & in. Then you trail off the left side of the page. There just a few hundred yards from Spence at this finger pointing rivulet is where the Landslide happened The other landmark is the "Brave" mentioned in poem, it and San Antonio Creek just happens to appear on Mr. Fenn's poem and alter it. Get that off there! You can't!

As I have
I can keep my secret
and (you don't have to but I finish this sentence out) hornao

Begin it
put in (finish out sentence) below the home of Brown.

This will all be on the right side of the poem and why Brown is capitalized.
the meek,
nigh; (or near)
your creek,

the blaze,
to cease,
in peace.

all to seek?
I'm weak.

listen good,
worth the cold
and in the wood
to the gold.
P.S. there's also a 2nd Home of brown conveniently up higher to accommodate for the shift/alteration. JM

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